Program Description

The Canadian Experience Program at Cornerstone offers students a unique opportunity to explore all that Canada has to offer through a comprehensive 4-month Intensive English course. This program not only establishes a solid foundation through language immersion but also unlocks doors to various diploma programs, providing a distinctive career path and the chance to both study and work in the vibrant and welcoming environment of Canada.


Improve your English, get ready to work and have Canadian work experience in only 3 steps:

4 Months English Courses
4-6 Months Academic Education
4-6 Months Work in Canada

During the first 4 months of English studies, you will attend the college from 9:30 am to 2:50 pm from Monday to Friday. After you achieve the sufficient level of English (Cornerstone Level 5 or higher) you will have 3 options to study diploma programs in Canada

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