Cornerstone College is offering a special scholarship for students who show potential to thrive in their studies and future careers. We are offering scholarships worth up to $10,000 to new students in our on-campus Diploma programs.

Scholarships are competitive and awarded to a select number of applicants only.

Who is Eligible?

Open to any new domestic or international students and Cornerstone graduates accepted into a Diploma program.

Applicants must have been accepted into the program.

When to apply?

Once you have been accepted into your program, you can submit your scholarship application.

The deadline is 2 weeks before the intake.

*Additional terms and conditions may apply. See the application form for full eligibility details.

Scholarship Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Community Spirit

Demonstrated willingness to be proactively involved with local, national or international community activities and causes, as well as the CICCC community.

Social Responsibility

May include: contributing to the community and caring for the environment; promoting sustainable design; solving problems in peaceful ways; valuing diversity; building relationships; and demonstrating global citizenship.


Share the values of CICCC: Commitment, Initiative, Quality, Sharing, and Mutual Consideration.

Important Note

Students currently benefiting from any tuition promotion or discount from the institution are ineligible for any scholarships offered. This includes but is not limited to, discounts for early payment, referral incentives, family discounts, or any other form of tuition reduction or promotional offer.

By accepting any tuition promotion or discount, students acknowledge and agree to these terms regarding scholarship eligibility.

The institution reserves the right to verify students’ scholarship eligibility and may request documentation of any tuition promotions or discounts received.

Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in the loss of scholarship eligibility.

The institution’s decisions regarding scholarship eligibility and the interpretation of these terms and conditions are final.

By accepting any tuition promotion or discount, students acknowledge and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.

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