Entrance Requirements

All applicants for diploma programs or language training must supply a copy of their passport front page. Each type of program may have a different set of entrance requirements. Please follow the entry requirements listed below: 

Entrance Requirements for English Courses 

The CICCC English Placement Test will be administered to all students enrolled in English courses to help determine their comprehension level of English and place them in the proper class.

Entrance Requirements for Diploma Programs 

All candidates for diploma programs will have to take the CICCC English Placement Test to help determine their level of English for placement in the appropriate class, unless students present their other English proficiency scores. Students must meet all requirements to be able to start diploma programs.

• • • English requirements may change depending on each program. Please check the program pages to make sure about the required English level.

• Knowledge of Computer basics may be required for technical diploma programs.

• Completing CICCC ESL Level Intermediate or above is considered equivalent to achieving a score of high intermediate or above for the CICCC Placement Test.

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