At Cornerstone, we are committed to empowering individuals seeking to enhance their English language skills in a dynamic, engaging, and enjoyable environment. To accomplish this, we provide a variety of ESL (English as a Second Language) courses tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

General English

Ideal for the students looking to rapidly improve their English skills.
Emphasis on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) as an innovative approach to English as a Second Language (ESL) education, focusing on communication over rote memorization, which prioritizes real-life language use, encouraging students to engage in meaningful conversations and activities and fosters a student-centered environment, enhancing language acquisition through interactive, context-rich learning experiences.

Business English
Elevate your English proficiency level with our Business ESL program, tailored for professionals. Boost communication skills, negotiate confidently, and enhance cross-cultural understanding. Invest in language proficiency that propels career growth and fosters global business success.

IELTS Prep Courses
A preparatory course designed for individuals intending to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
Receive expert guidance and monitor your progress with the help of practice tests.

TOEFL Prep Courses
Customized for individuals aiming to excel in the TOEFL exam.
Build the skills, confidence, and strategies necessary to reach your target score.

Pathway Programs After English Courses

Pathway Programs are specifically designed to assist international students prepare for and pursue higher education in Canada, with a primary emphasis on enhancing English proficiency.

Within the pathway program, you have the opportunity to enroll in English classes tailored to help you achieve the necessary proficiency level for your desired academic program.

Assess your English Proficiency level and ascertain your eligibility for our Diploma Programs
We offer free online placement tests for international students. To begin with the process, simply click the link below and uncover your English proficiency.

CICCC – Placement Test:

Upon completion of the English Proficiency Placement Test, if you have already submitted an Application Form, it will be updated with the result. For those who haven’t created an application form yet, we will share the results with you via email.

Enroll in English Courses
We offer English lessons designed for students who need to meet the English proficiency requirements of the program. Based on your English proficiency level, you can select the course option that best aligns with your goals.

Apply for a diploma program
Upon successful completion of your English course, you’ll have a smoother pathway to a diploma program, marking the beginning of your academic and professional journey in Canada.

Success stories

Check what our student’s squad say about us

The hospitality industry allows me to provide customer service to people from all over the world. I am passionate to help others create memorable times. Cornerstone and this industry have helped me learn different cultures, ideas, and beliefs from other countries and I find it fascinating.


Hospitality is not only a program for me. Hospitality taught me how to interact with people how to show my best to them and how to respect them. Thanks to Cornerstone, success is not a dream anymore for me


One of the things that studying at Cornerstone College taught me more than just a graduate degree was to want to improve myself despite any adversity, nothing stops you from being your best version, the hospitality management diploma program teaches me to improve myself every day. Great teachers, great diploma!



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Enrolling in one of our co-op diploma programs opens the door for students to work while they study. For those who have not yet met the requirements for their desired program, our English courses provide the ideal pathway.

While we are not directly responsible for your accommodation process, we have partnered with housing companies that can provide assistance. Additionally, we have compiled a list of housing options to aid your research and to serve as reference for your decision-making.

You have the flexibility to choose your preferred learning method; our courses are available both online and in-person. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure a high-quality educational experience, regardless of the chosen learning method.

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