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Cornerstone International Community College of Canada

As Canada is partly re-opening its border, Cornerstone International Community College of Canada has taken all safety measures for international students on both campuses located in Vancouver!


CICCC has always been ready for the new readiness plan to welcome students to Canada.

Studying at the Cornerstone International Community College of Canada (CICCC) will be the first step of having a successful career in Canada for domestic and international students.  Our college is located in Vancouver which is one of the most liveable cities in the world with our massive tech and management campuses! Our campuses located in the downtown area provide a very comfortable transportation opportunity from anywhere in Vancouver.

Cornerstone BlogHere at Cornerstone International Community College of Canada, we are proud to welcome and support our students to live and work in Canada.
Study in VancouverLiving and studying in Vancouver is a unique experience and has something to offer for everyone, no matter what you are interested in studying or doing.

Co-op Programs Overview

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada in Vancouver offers educational programs and co-op opportunities to international students to facilitate practical work experience in a Canadian workplace related to students’ fields of study. Students apply the skills they’ve learned from their in-class training during their work experience in order to gain and improve their professional skills for their future careers.

Over %96 of job placement in the first month of Co-op
How to find job in VancouverOur main goal at Cornerstone is to help students succeed and support you with how to find a job in Vancouver.
Student GuideStudents can follow up to find some life guide tricks in Vancouver and Cornerstone Student Guide will surely help for those who just arrived in Vancouver.

Diploma & Certificate Programs in Canada

Diploma Programs in Vancouver

Accreditated tech and management diploma programs by the government that give a chance to study and work in Vancouver facilitate international students for them to build a career in Canada. Cornerstone College can also provide the training and work experience to international students in Canada who need to prepare for new jobs or advance in their careers in Canada.  Our dedicated co-op team assists all our students in diploma programs for their career training.


Cornerstone College brings the best multicultural culture in Vancouver and is the bridge between our students’ academic and professional success. Students in Vancouver are exposed to relevant academic content while being prepared to fully integrate in professional Canadian workforces.

Customer Relations Specialist

Hospitality Management Diploma

International Business Management Diploma

Network and System Solutions Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma

Web and Mobile App Development Diploma

English Certificate Programs in Vancouver

Cornerstone hosts students from over 65 different countries every year. Our personalized and dynamic English courses in Vancouver are delivered by qualified ESL teachers with many years of experience helping students achieve their English language objectives in Canada.


Social activities in Vancouver that our college organizes for its international students also support them to improve their reading, writing, and most importantly speaking skills.

English As Second Language Program – Full Time

English As Second Language Program – Part Time


  • "I took English lessons first and now I am a Hospitality Management student. After more than a year at Cornerstone I can say that my favorite thing is that our opinion matters."

    Kellen Canadian Experience
  • "I am studying Hospitality Management and I love how diverse this college is, you learn a lot from your colleagues! I am also very thankful for such caring staff. Thank you!"

    Stephan Hospitality Management
  • "My favorite things about studying at Cornerstone are that the instructors are very approachable, you get instant feedback, and classes are very practical."

    Saya Web and Mobile App Development
  • "I am making my dream come true, studying a subject that I’m passionate about. I particularly enjoy the small class. The instructors are always available whenever I need them. There are great facilities and I love living in Vancouver!"

    Celal Web and Mobile App Development