We provide a unique opportunity for students from diverse countries to gain practical knowledge in their specific industries while immersing themselves in the vibrant Canadian experience.

Are you prepared for the most unforgettable experience of your life?

An international team of professionals supports you at Cornerstone College in a highly practical and dynamic learning environment.

To ensure that your time living and studying in Canada is as enjoyable as possible, our team helps you even before you arrive.

Our classes can be taken online or in person, and the CICCC campuses provide a lot of communal areas where you can socialize, eat and study.

We are among Canada's Top Schools in Vancouver.


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Cornerstone College Campus Tour | What it’s like to study at CICCC

4 Key Tips For Digital Marketing Students in Canada | 2023

Welcome to Cornerstone International Community College of Canada

4 Secrets to Get a Job in the IT Industry in Canada [2022]

Looking for a reliable institution to study in Canada? CICCC is the answer!

Join us and become a member of our student’s squad by following the steps:


Learn more about the courses and the English-level requirement.

Complete the application form.


Take the Placement Exam.

You will receive a proposal from our sales advisors.


Once approved, you will receive the invoice.

Make the payment for the invoice.


The experience of studying abroad is the finest approach to achieve your personal and professional growth. CICCC will guide you along the way.

Success stories

Check what our student’s squad say about us

“I took English lessons first, and now I am a Hospitality Management student. After more than a year at Cornerstone, I can say that my favorite thing is that our opinion matters."

Kellen - Canadian Experience Program

“I am studying Hospitality management, and I love how diverse this college is, you learn a lot from your colleagues! I am also very thankful for such a caring staff. Thank you!"

Stephan - Hospitality Management Diploma Program

“My favorite things about studying at Cornerstone are that the instructors are very approachable, you get instant feedback, and classes are very practical."

Saya - Web and Mobile App Development Diploma Program

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