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CICCC recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice describes our practices related to personal information privacy and security.

CICCC has a global privacy program to protect all “Personal Information.” Personal Information is any information that we can use to identify you (such as your name, username, or identification number) or contact you (such as your email address or telephone number). Personal Information includes other types of information (such as test scores or demographic data) when that information is associated with your Personal Information.

Privacy Notice This Privacy Notice describes our practices with respect to Personal Information we collect via “Websites.” The term “Website” includes all CICCC websites, platforms, and applications that collect Personal Information from you. It also describes our practices with respect to Personal Information collected in other ways, such as when you register for and take CICCC tests, or when we receive information from a school or test center administrator. If you are a test taker, additional information about privacy and security is included in many of the CICCC Test Bulletins.

By using a CICCC Website or otherwise providing us with Personal Information, you agree to our privacy terms. You can contact us at any time with questions or concerns about privacy by sending an email to or by writing to us at the addresses in the Contact section below.

Within this Privacy Notice, you will find information about:

Information we collect

We collect the following types of Personal Information from you when you use our Websites:

Contact Information that allows us to communicate with you, such as your name, username, mailing address, telephone numbers, email address, or other addresses that allow us to send you messages.

Relationship Information that helps us do business with you. For test takers, this may include the types of tests that you want to take, your school affiliation, expected degree and graduation date, and similar information that can help us offer you personalized content. It may also include demographic data, such as language(s) spoken, which helps support CICCC Research. For professionals, this may include your professional credentials and affiliations and the products and services that may interest you or your school. For test center administrators, this may include information about your relationship with your test center and the tests you administer. If you use our platforms, such as GradConnect, we may collect additional relationship information to help match you with educational programs, fellowships, scholarships, and similar offerings. Transaction Information about your activities with CICCC, including your test registration records, test administration records, purchase history, order information about your use of our content (such as if you access your scores online, use test prep material, or complete surveys), customer or test center administrator account information (such as if you email us for support), and payment card information as needed to process your payments. In some cases, we may need to collect additional sensitive information from test takers and test center administrators in order to administer tests securely or to fulfill other requests that you may make. In particular:

As permitted by law, we collect biometric data, such as your voiceprint and writing samples. Additionally, if you test in a test center, we may collect your photograph and fingerprint. If you test online, we may collect and analyze your behavioral characteristics during the test, such as keystroke patterns when you complete writing portions of a test. Please see the section on Biometric Identifiers below to learn more.

We may collect audio and video recordings in our test centers (including from premises-monitoring equipment).

If you request an accommodation from us regarding test arrangements for medical or religious reasons, we may collect Personal Information relevant to your request. Similarly, if you request a fee waiver, fee reduction, or scholarship, we may collect Personal Information about your financial situation. Providing Personal Information about your religion, disability, or medical condition and/or financial status is optional, but if you request an accommodation from CICCC, you must provide the information so that we can process your request.

In each case, we will only collect and use these types of Personal Information as permitted by law and as needed for CICCC’s legitimate business purposes, such as maintaining the integrity and security of our tests or processing your accommodation request.

When you visit and interact with our Website, we may also collect information that uses cookies and other data-collection technologies. Please see the section on Cookies below to learn more. This Privacy Notice governs us when we associate the information we collect using cookies and other technology with your Personal Information.

How we use your personal information

We may use your Personal Information to:

Provide you with the products, content, or services selected by you, such as to register you for and deliver tests and send you service-related communications, such as identity verification, score delivery, customer service, and account management.

Subject to your choices, provide you with marketing communications, surveys, and offers for products and services from CICCC and our partners, including personalized offers based on your interests and educational goals and to manage your communications preferences.

Understand how you and others use our products and platforms, for analytics and modeling and to create recommendations and insights and to understand educational trends.

Deliver messages and sponsored content to you from educational institutions and other partners via platforms, such as GradConnect.

Improve our products and services (including for test usability and design, security, and research), and to identify, develop, and offer new or expanded products and services.

Understand how you use our products, content, and services, including associating you with different devices that you may use to access our content, to help personalize your experience on the Website and customize the content and/or format of the pages you visit.

Manage our everyday business needs, such as payment processing and financial account management, test center management, contract management, Website administration, business continuity and disaster recovery, security and fraud prevention, corporate governance, reporting, and legal compliance.

Generate aggregate statistical studies and conduct research ourselves or jointly with others related to our products and services and the use of our Website.

We may also use your Personal Information in other ways, if you consent to those uses.

Data Retention

We will retain your Personal Information for as long as the information is needed for the purposes set forth above and for any additional period that may be required or permitted by law. You may request that we delete your Personal Information by contacting us via email at Unless we are required by law or have a legitimate interest to retain your information, we will delete it within 30 days of your request.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices or this Privacy Notice. You can always reach us via contact . You can also reach us via Contact Us:”

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