Enroll in Cornerstone College’s program to accelerate your aspirations for Canadian higher education, employment, and immigration by meeting the entrance requirements into advanced programs.

What does THE PATHWAY provide?

🌟 – Cornerstone’s pathway program allows students to achieve their academic, immigration, and career goals more efficiently.

📚 – Meeting Entrance Requirements into Advanced Programs: Our pathways help students meet the criteria needed to enter advanced educational programs, eliminating the need to start over.

🚀 – Fastest Route to PGWP: Our pathways offer in some partnerships the quickest route to obtain your PGWP, enabling you to achieve your educational, career, or immigration goals in Vancouver faster than with other colleges.

🎓 – Education Upgrade: Help students get into college or university faster and start their advanced education sooner.

💼 – Career Progression: Pathways provide students with the skills needed to land their dream job or enter the workforce sooner.

🌍 – Immigration Support: Pathway programs help students meet the requirements for extending their stay in Canada.

Meet our partners:

If you have any questions about the pathway, our advisory team can assist you with this. Please send us a message.

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