Tuition and Fees

At Cornerstone College, we believe in transparency and providing students with all the information they need to plan their academic journey. Understanding the financial aspects of your education is crucial, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive breakdown of our tuition and fee structure. Our fees are designed to cover various aspects of your college experience, from tuition to facility access and support services. To get detailed information about our fees, scholarships, and financial aid options, please fill out the form below. We’re here to assist you in making informed decisions about your education and investment in your future.

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International Price List

Program NameApplication Fee InternationalTuition Fee InternationalMaterial Fee
English As A Second Language – Individual Courses1501,50050
English As A Second Language – Full Courses15018,00050
8 Month Hospitality Management Co-op3506,995650
One Year Hospitality Management Co-op3509,495850
Hospitality Management Co-Op35018,9901,500
Customer Relations Specialist 83506,995650
Customer Relations Specialist 123509,495850
International Business Management3509,495850
Data Science Co-op Diploma35012,995850
Data Science Diploma35012,995850
Digital Marketing Foundations3509,495850
Digital Marketing Specialist3509,495850
Digital Marketing Advanced Diploma3509,495850
Digital Marketing Advanced Co-op Diploma3509,495850
UI/UX Designer Specialist Diploma3509,495850
UI/UX Designer Specialist Co-op Diploma3509,495850
UI/UX Designer Advanced Diploma3509,495850
UI/UX Designer Advanced Co-op Diploma3509,495850
Web Development Foundation35018,9901,500
Web Development Specialist35018,9901,500
Network Systems Solutions Specialist Co-op Diploma35018,9901,500

Domestic Price List

Program NameApplication Fee DomesticTuition Fee DomesticMaterial Fee
English As A Second Language – Individual Courses1501,20050
English As A Second Language – Full Courses15014,40050
8 Month Hospitality Management Co-op1505,495650
One Year Hospitality Management Co-op1507,495850
Hospitality Management Co-Op15014,9901,500
Customer Relations Specialist 81505,495650
Customer Relations Specialist 122507,495850
International Business Management2507,495850
Data Science Co-op Diploma25012,995850
Data Science Diploma25012,995850
Digital Marketing Foundations2507,495850
Digital Marketing Specialist2507,495850
Digital Marketing Advanced Diploma2507,495850
Digital Marketing Advanced Co-op Diploma2507,495850
UI/UX Designer Specialist Diploma2507,495850
UI/UX Designer Specialist Co-op Diploma2507,495850
UI/UX Designer Advanced Diploma2507,495850
UI/UX Designer Advanced Co-op Diploma2507,495850
Web Development Foundation15014,9901,500
Web Development Specialist15014,9901,500
Network Systems Solutions Specialist Co-op Diploma15014,9901,500

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