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In Vancouver, when joining CICCC, you have the possibility to choose how to spend your time at a place you can call “home”.

The stay of our students is an important part of the international experience, so we at CICCC help them find the best option that suits their style of living. There is a short list below of the types of available stays in Vancouver:

Homestays: Homestays involve living with a Canadian host family. This option provides an opportunity to experience Canadian culture firsthand and improve language skills. Homestays typically include a private bedroom, meals, and some level of support from the host family.

We can assist you with homestay arrangements through various homestay partners, or you may prefer to live independently in shared accommodation. Follow the links below to find the best homestay accommodations:

Off-Campus Rental Apartments: Renting an apartment or a room in Vancouver is a popular choice for international students. There are apartments ranging from studios to multiple-bedroom units. Sharing an apartment with roommates can help reduce costs. Websites, local listings, and student housing services can assist in finding off-campus rentals.

Student Residences: Some privately owned student residences cater specifically to international students. These residences often provide furnished rooms or apartments with shared common areas, study spaces, and amenities such as gyms or laundry facilities. They may also offer additional support services.

Temporary Accommodation: When first arriving in Vancouver, international students may need temporary accommodation while searching for a more permanent option. This can include staying in hotels, hostels, or short-term rental apartments.

Students who make all their own travel arrangements can contact a local accommodation agency to tailor their accommodations to their needs and preferences. The links below show you the best-shared accommodations:

When considering accommodation options, it’s important to think about factors such as location, proximity to your institution, budget, lifestyle preferences, and any specific needs the student may have. It’s recommended to start searching and applying for accommodations well in advance to secure a suitable place to live.

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