Where should I live in Vancouver?

Where should I live in Vancouver

Vancouver is an exquisite blend of nature and urban life, creating a peaceful harmony that attracts people from around the world. We aim to provide valuable insights to help you explore the unique aspects of Vancouver, ensuring you discover the perfect place to call home that resonates with your preferences.

7 popular places to live in Vancouver

Every neighborhood in Vancouver has its own distinctive character, providing a rich tapestry of diverse experiences for residents and visitors alike.


Downtown Vancouver is a vibrant hub, boasting a myriad of restaurants, cafes, apparel shops, and business buildings. The SkyTrain, connecting downtown to various suburbs, adds to the area’s incredible convenience. Notably, our campus is also situated in the heart of downtown.

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Gastown’s brick-lined streets create a retro and charming cityscape, adorned with stylish cafes and eclectic boutiques.

Vancouver Public Library
Highly favored by our students, the Vancouver Public Library is housed in a unique glass-designed building, allowing for ample natural light. With nine floors, the library provides extensive study spaces in an environment conducive to concentration. It’s an ideal spot for collaborative study sessions with classmates.

West End

This neighborhood is an upscale residential district adorned with condominiums, offering a wealth of restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. It provides a convenient and comfortable living experience. Despite its close proximity to downtown, the area remains popular, boasting views of Stanley Park and the beach within walking distance.

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English Bay
A cherished retreat for Vancouver residents, English Bay is adored for its sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation opportunities. This delightful spot invites you to bask in the sunlight and relish the beach atmosphere.

Stanley Park
Stanley Park stands out as one of the world’s premier destinations, offering beautiful beaches, paved trails, nature-filled pathways, Canada’s largest aquarium, and family-friendly amenities such as pools and water parks. It’s a place where natural beauty seamlessly blends with recreational delights.

Robson Street
As the largest street in Vancouver, Robson Street is a bustling thoroughfare filled with a variety of restaurants. It stays lively throughout the week, attracting crowds on both weekdays and weekends.


It takes 15 minutes by bus from Kitsilano to downtown. Known for its tranquil ambiance, this area is renowned for its safety within Vancouver. With the presence of UBC, it’s a popular choice among students. Along 4th Avenue, vibrant cafes and stylish boutiques contribute to the lively streetscape.

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Kitsilano Beach
This beach offers more than just sunbathing and swimming; it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, and of course, swimming. Additionally, it provides a stunning backdrop for witnessing beautiful sunsets.

Kitsilano Farmers Market
This market is a summer delight, showcasing fresh vegetables, fruits, and locally crafted accessories. It stands out as one of the larger and more well-known farmers markets within Vancouver, offering a vibrant and diverse shopping experience for residents and visitors alike.

East Vancouver

This area is incredibly convenient, boasting well-stocked Asian supermarkets and easy access to downtown. As a tranquil residential haven adorned with spacious parks, it stands out as a popular choice among both families and students.

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Queen Elizabeth Park
Queen Elizabeth Park is a favorite destination for leisurely walks and relaxation. During the summer, it’s a common sight to see people enjoying picnics in this beautiful setting.

Main Street
Main Street stands out as a stylish thoroughfare, adorned with vintage shops and other fantastic shopping spots. Beloved by locals, this street is a hub for popular cafes and restaurants, making it a go-to destination for both residents and visitors.

North Vancouver

Abundant hiking trails and easy access to breathtaking natural landscapes make this area highly desirable. Just a 15-minute ferry ride, known as the Seabus, from downtown, it is widely regarded as an exceptionally livable region.

Famous Tourist Spots

Deep Cove
Deep Cove is a beloved hiking trail in Vancouver. With its serene bay, it offers opportunities for activities like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Nearby, you’ll find popular doughnut shops, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing break after your hike.

Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain is a year-round destination, attracting visitors for hiking in the summer and winter sports in the winter. At the summit, various facilities offer a range of activities, including the unique opportunity to encounter bears.


Nestled in the suburbs around Vancouver, this is a tranquil residential neighborhood. Enjoying a peaceful atmosphere a bit removed from the city hustle, this area offers housing costs that are comparatively lower than downtown. Yet, thanks to the well-developed public transportation system, which includes buses and the SkyTrain, residents here enjoy convenient and easy access to downtown Vancouver.

Famous Tourist Spots

Metropolis At Metrotown

Metropolis At Metrotown is one of the major shopping malls in Vancouver. Beyond its array of apparel shops, it also features a supermarket, adding to its exceptional convenience. This commercial hub attracts not only tourists but also a significant number of locals, making it a vibrant and popular destination for shoppers of all kinds.


Richmond, reachable in approximately 25 minutes by SkyTrain, is renowned for its plethora of Chinese restaurants. With a growing number of accommodations, it has evolved into a highly livable city. The diverse culinary scene and expanding amenities make Richmond an inviting and vibrant community for residents and visitors alike.

Famous Tourist Spots

Vancouver International Airport
This is an airport that caters to domestic, international, and US-bound flights. Inside, you’ll find amenities such as food courts and souvenir shops. It serves as the gateway to Vancouver, providing a welcoming entry point for travelers from various destinations.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver
It takes about 30 minutes to reach from downtown. Exiting from Templeton Station, the access is convenient right away. It houses a wide range of apparel shops, from globally renowned brands to those originating from Canada. It gets bustling with crowds, especially on weekends.

Areas to Be Mindful Of

Vancouver is renowned for its generally positive safety reputation, but as with any city, it’s important to exercise caution in specific neighborhoods.

East Downtown

When exploring Vancouver, it’s advisable to be cautious in areas like East Hastings and Chinatown. In these neighborhoods, it is likely to witness individuals using drugs. While it’s not the safest spot, major incidents are relatively uncommon, so there’s no need to stress too much. Nevertheless, when searching for housing, it’s a good idea to avoid these areas.

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