Digital Ads

Digital Advertising involves employing marketing strategies to promote a brand, product, or service across various digital channels.

In the context of digital transformation and the continuous expansion of online customer presence, digital advertising has evolved into a necessity for companies and brands aiming for success.

Our Intro to Digital Ads course is the ideal choice for individuals aspiring to acquire the skills and knowledge to initiate or advance their career in the digital marketing industry. At Cornerstone, we provide not only valuable cultural experiences but also essential learnings for professional growth. It serves as a pathway to a rewarding and dynamic career in marketing and advertising. 


This introductory Digital Ads course is designed to provide students with a fundamental skill set in advertising and digital platforms. It covers a range of topics including social media, search engines, AI trends, ads copy, landing page design, and campaign strategies.

Upon completion, our graduates will be well-prepared to spearhead successful campaigns and drive growth for businesses and brands.

For those looking to broaden their horizons and deepen their skills, we encourage you to take the next step and enroll in our comprehensive Digital Marketing program.  Here, you’ll have the opportunity to become a specialist in the field, further honing your expertise in digital advertising.


This course presents a valuable opportunity for students to earn certifications in Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display. They serve as recognized credentials in the industry, demonstrating your expertise in managing effective advertising campaigns on both search and display platforms.

English Proficiency Enrollment Requirement

Duration and Schedules

⏳ 2.5 months (80 hours)
🗓️ Saturday and Sunday
⏰ 10am – 2pm
📅: Starting Date: April, 29th


Digital Ads Introduction
Ad Copywriting Techniques
Create High-converting Landing Pages
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Search & Display Ads
Youtube Ads
Linkedin Ads
Tik Tok Marketing and Ads
AI in Advertising: Everything You Need to Know


Brian Maleki is a highly accomplished business coach, digital marketing instructor, and advertising strategist. Armed with a master’s degree in business and marketing, he has effectively overseen the marketing campaigns of numerous multi-million dollar corporations.

Beyond his corporate successes, Maleki has made a significant impact by training and mentoring over a thousand individuals, empowering students to unlock their potential in the dynamic and lucrative field of digital marketing.

His areas of expertise span a wide range, including but not limited to Social Media Marketing, Google Ads (PPC), Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify, and E-commerce strategies. Maleki’s extensive knowledge and practical experience make him a valuable resource for those navigating the complexities of the digital marketing landscape.

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