CICCC attended the Friends of PICS Gala as an auction sponsor

CICCC attended the Friends of PICS Gala as an auction sponsor

We always seek out opportunities to contribute meaningfully to causes that resonate with our mission and vision. As part of this commitment, we joined the Friends of PICS Gala as one of the auction sponsors. The event aimed at fundraising for the Guru Nanak Diversity Village in Surrey, which will serve as a caring home for our elders in the future.

About PICS 

The Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society has been supporting our society since 1987. They create programs for newcomers, International Students, Youth & Children, Senior Citizens, Women, Indigenous, Persons with Disability, and more. PICS Society offers a wide range of programs and services, including employment programs, settlement services, language services, social programs, and housing services. They understand their situation and support them to improve their life even better. 

PICS Society: Free Support to Live & Work in British Columbia

Cornerstone at the Friends of PICS Gala Event

At the Friends of PICS Gala event, we enjoyed traditional South Asian food, dancing, and meeting new people. Our contributions encompassed scholarships from our primary programs: Network and System Solutions, Data Science, and Web Development and included complimentary dormitory accommodation monthly. Altogether, these donations were valued at over $100,000, and it was incredible to see the enthusiastic response at the auction. The energetic ambiance of the auction was genuinely motivating.

Concrete actions to improve our BC society

We are dedicated to implementing tangible initiatives to enhance our BC community. Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, we are committed to advancing our society in British Columbia. We are gratified to have had the chance to engage in and make meaningful contributions to this event. Looking ahead, we are determined to maintain our involvement in more opportunities like this.

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