Meet the management team

Yahya Shakhshir – President

Over 15 Years of Executive Experience

Yahya has refined his skills in Hospitality Management through diverse experiences in renowned establishments worldwide. He has adeptly formulated strategies and plans in alignment with overarching objectives, demonstrating effective leadership by motivating subordinates to enhance employee engagement and cultivate high-performing teams.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Yahya’s passion for academics is evident as he actively imparts his knowledge by teaching Hospitality and Business courses to students. He takes great pleasure in guiding students on their path to career and professional growth.

Mark Bembenek – Academic Director

Over 15 Years of Higher Education Experience

Mark possesses substantial business expertise, acquired through his tenure in international and publicly traded corporations. Additionally, he oversees the operations of his own consulting company.

Abbas Ghanbari – Academic Coordinator

Over 23 Years of Teaching Experience

As a dedicated ESL Teacher and Academic Coordinator at Cornerstone College, Abbas seamlessly integrates instructional and administrative roles to foster a supportive learning environment for non-native English speakers. Collaborating on program development, scheduling, and resource organization, Abbas ensures an enriching educational experience for all our students here at Cornerstone College.

Mary Karimi – Academic & Administration Director

In education for over 20 years

Mary stands out as a remarkable professional who has held leadership positions in numerous educational institutions in British Columbia. Her philosophy revolves around the belief that successful students are individuals characterized by strength of character and ambitious dreams.

Martin – CRS Program Coordinator

Over 20 Years of Executive Experience

Martin, a dedicated business owner, has a genuine passion for teaching. His objective is to inspire, motivate, and guide students toward unlocking their true potential. As a certified public speaker, Martin excels in encouraging students to venture beyond their comfort zones and strive for higher goals. With a blend of executive experience and a distinguished academic background, he offers the perfect combination for effective education and mentorship.

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