Wakana Sakai

  • Group:UI/UX Design (Specialist & Advanced)

Wakana Sakai

I have wide experience in digital design, specializing in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design for web platforms. My expertise in UI/UX Design includes small to mid companies in various industries focused on user experience, intuitive interfaces, clear value propositions, and accessibility. I believe in a constructivist teaching philosophy, emphasizing hands-on learning experiences to help students develop critical thinking skills. Outside of work, I enjoy engaging in meet-ups and conversing with people from diverse backgrounds. This social interaction fuels my teaching approach, as it helps me understand various perspectives and tailor my communication style to connect with my students effectively.

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF):
• Human-Computer Interaction: The Foundations of UX Design
• Interaction Design for Usability
• Design Thinking: The Ultimate Guide
• Accessibility: How to Design for All
• Mobile UX Strategy: How to Build Successful Products
• Conducting Usability Testing

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