Lucía Ledo

I have over 5 years of experience in education at a university level, specializing in Industrial Microbiology and Biochemical Engineering. I entered the business field in 2017 after entering the Business Incubator at the University of Havana. Then, I continued my formation in business when I enrolled in multiple CIC business programs and launched an English tutoring business in Vancouver.

I have hands-on experience teaching biotechnology (university), English (freelancer) and customer service (college). I believe in developing critical thinking in students to help students see beyond what is presented to them in life and business. Outside of work, I enjoy theatre and stand-up comedy shows, which inspire me to make my class more dynamic.

University teaching category of Instructor (Cuba)
Masters in Biotechnology (Cuba)
Customer Service Specialist Diploma (Canada)
International Business Management Diploma (Canada)
Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma (Canada)

Cuban Academy of Sciences Award 2023 for research on Environmental Microbiology

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