Studying in canada: 6 significant advantages of career colleges

The advantages of studying in career colleges in Canada have never been that obvious compared to the past few decades!

Countries need more young workers in the workforce around the globe to run economies and keep growth at sustainable levels.

From time to time Canada is covering this gap with different immigration programs through the issuance of work permits to international students.

Career colleges in Canada bridges play a vital role in educating talented international students.

In doing so, applicants can easily find the right place to begin a career here in Canada without a struggle.

If you can’t decide whether to study at a college or university, don’t worry.

Luckily, this article explains the differences between college and university.

And you will learn how studying in a college will be beneficial to you!

benefits of career colleges in Canada

Purpose of Career Colleges in Canada
Career colleges are institution that offers trainings to students to settle in any professional working industry.

The main purpose of post-secondary institutions is to develop the practical skills of students in Canada.

They can also gain experience in their targeted field of work in Canada.

Did you know that there are 1436 language schools and colleges in Canada?

numbers of colleges in canada

How to Study in a Career College in Canada?
As a student, you might be curious about how to get acceptance to study at a college in Canada!

Every post-secondary institution may have different requirements that you should meet.

Let’s have a look at the main requirement to get acceptance for you to begin your education in Canada.

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  1. Educational background
    Whether you are an international or domestic student in Canada, every student must complete their high school diploma to start studying at any career college.

The only exception where students can study without a high school diploma is if they are over.

Colleges in Canada usually don’t require you to have a related field of graduation or experience from your home country.

  1. Language requirements
    The language requirement is the most challenging part for most international students to enroll in diploma programs in Canada.

There are so many ways for you to meet language requirements.

Either students can provide language exam results accepted by vocational colleges, namely TOEFL, academic IELTS, Duolingo etc, or they can present proof of.

Yet another solution is taking the English placement tests offered by some colleges in place of the above mentioned channels.

  1. Prerequisite Courses
    Some diploma programs in Canada may require you to take some essential courses such as math, physics etc. to study your main program at your college.

It could also be English courses in Canada to meet your English requirement for any diploma program that you wish to study.

Differences Between University and College Education in Canada
As Canada is one of the world’s leading countries in the realm of education, it attracts so many international students from all 4 corners of the globe!

It is very common for students to have questions and at times be confused about the difference between colleges and universities in Canada.

Both educational systems have different approaches and it may vary from person to person to select which one is the best path to follow moving forward.

Let’s have a look what are the main differences between university and college education in Canada.

Program Types Certificates, Diplomas, Apprenticeship Training Bachelor’s degree, Ph.D., Master’s degree
Educational System Focus on specific employment skills and career training Based on theories and research
Program Durations Maximum 2 years Usually takes 3 or 4 years
Scholarship Available More options
Cost of studying Around $6,000CAD/a year Around $20,000CAD/a year
Registration Difficulty Easy Hard

  1. Types of offered programs
    Universities offer bachelor’s degrees, Ph.D., and Master’s degrees while college students can achieve diplomas and certificates after graduating.
  2. Educational system
    The education system in universities relies on theory and research while colleges focus on more practical education so that students can learn from and understand their industries faster.
  3. Program durations
    University programs can take up to 5 years. However, students can complete their programs at colleges within 2 years.
  4. The purpose of education
    The educational purpose of universities in Canada is to share comprehensive knowledge of the chosen program. Colleges in Canada provide students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s market.
  5. Cost of studying
    The cost of studying in Canada may increase depending on what type of education system you will go for.

Universities in Canada are extremely expensive for international students. On top of this, students can have less time to work in Canada to compensate for their living expenses because of the intensity of their studies.

Studying at career colleges is more affordable than any university in Canada.

Advantages of Going to College in Canada

6 Most Significant Advantages of Studying at a College in Canada!
There are many students that may just focus on going to university in Canada.

However, in this day and time, the bigger picture is way more versatile!

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider changing your mind before going to any university.

Step your foot in any industry faster with hands-on knowledge
More personalized training
More affordable education for what you need
Access to the most updated content
Easier and higher chance of acceptance to study in Canada
Get a higher salary to work in Canada

  1. Step your foot in any industry faster with hands-on knowledge!
    As part of our education as a vocational college in Canada, we prepare students for the skills they need to be successful in the field they have chosen.

By doing that, students get enough knowledge and self-esteem to dive into their industry faster than university students.

  1. More personalized training
    Since universities have so many students, it is impossible to pay the same attention to every individual.

As one of the largest career colleges in Canada, we still can individualize our teaching method for each student in the classroom.

  1. More affordable education for what you need
    Universities have longer academic education than regular college programs.

On top of that, the education cost for each year usually starts from 20.000CAD/a year.

When you add up all the costs of education, programs at career colleges will cost less and students can start building a career faster than ever!

  1. Access to the most updated content
    We live in an era when all information is updated in real time.

That is why one of the most challenging difficulties in any industry is finding an employee with the most updated knowledge.

Our diploma programs are developed by our instructors and industry professionals.

So that we can update the curriculum based on the most recent knowledge.

  1. Easier and higher chance of acceptance to study in Canada
    University programs do not have monthly start dates.

Moreover, their application process is quite complicated and very frustrating to find someone to contact.

Most of the colleges in Canada have their own application process.

Our specialized student recruitment team can speak more than 12 languages to support international students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our international team at any time.

  1. A higher chance to start your career in Canada
    Diploma programs take shorter periods of time to finish successfully.

And what’s even better? You will gain higher salaries compared to university grads while having more up-to-date knowledge and hands-on skills under your belts!

In Canada, employers are interested in your knowledge and experience, not which Canadian school you graduated from.

We have just covered the most important aspects of studying at a college in Canada!

It is time for you to evaluate what you need and to take action towards building your future career as fast as you can.

We also answer some of the questions related to education.

For further inquiries about the answers which you couldn’t find above, please leave a comment below!

Our specialized team will make sure to provide the right solutions for you.

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