Is the web development career a good option in canada?

As of 2023, the web development field in Canada has become one of the hottest careers globally.

If you consider relocating or immigrating to Canada, having a career in web development can give you limitless opportunities.

In this blog, we will provide you with comprehensive information on Canada’s web development and career opportunities.

We will cover the importance of web development, types of web developers, reasons to choose web development in Canada, advantages of working in web development in Canada, average wage, related education and the best platforms to search for jobs in Canada.
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Why is Web Development Important?
The importance of web development may vary depending on each industry and the purpose of its usage.

We live in today’s world where technology and the internet are involved in our daily lives.

Whether connecting with our friends, family or colleagues, shopping, checking the news, banking and many more, as users, we rely on the internet and technology that can serve us seamlessly across devices.

From a business’s perspective, filling demands on online platforms can be difficult, especially when a company has limited web development and design knowledge.

So, those who can develop and maintain websites, apps, and software have a crucial role in today’s technology-driven society, which is shown in demand for web development.
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Benefits of Website Development
There are dozens of benefits of web development for any business in Canada!

Having a well-designed website can bring a tremendous amount of income and benefits to your business!

Let’s have a look at what any business can achieve with a perfect website!

Provide easy navigate features
When it comes to having a successful online platform, businesses compete to provide the easiest and most convenient navigation for their users. With that being said, the information provided on the website should be easy to access.

Easy to customize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Nowadays, where users search for everything online, SEO has become a fundamental aspect of the website. Variables like title tags, image optimization, and linking used in web development help a company attain a higher ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Increase the sales
A website can attract more sales. For many businesses, a website has been a major source of income. In recent years, the growth of e-commerce has changed how customers spend their money, resulting in increased demand for online purchasing platforms.

Reach out to more clients
When it comes to web development, the website available on World Wide Web (WWW) helps the company reach out to users on a larger scale.

Web development is budget-friendly
A company can display all relevant information through web development like products or services offered, location, pricing, reputation, and contact info.

The use of blog posts can also provide a company with updated discounts and offers on the website, and there is no downtime in waiting for the advertisement to be put up.
types of web developer

Types of Web Developers
Before we explore more details, let’s understand the types of Web Developers and their responsibilities.

Front-end Developers are responsible for designing and programming the user interface (UI) elements. Usually, front-end developers focus on the appearance and layout of these elements, which are linked to the user experience (UX).

Back-end Developers are responsible for server connections, databases and APIs. Typically, back-end developers deal with feature programming and mechanics for websites and apps.

Full-stack Developers are responsible for both front-end and back-end sides, which means that full-stack developers have mastered the full range of web development skills and can take on both appearance and function for websites and apps.

Reasons to Choose a Web Development Career in Canada
Since Amazon’s expansion to Vancouver in 2018, the company has brought more than 4,000 new tech jobs to Vancouver. As well as the rapid growth of local companies like Hootsuite, Avigilon, and Slack, Vancouver became a new headquarters for many tech businesses and created numerous tech positions within the past years.
reasons to choose web development

It is one of the most demanding skills
Canadian Occupational Projection System reports that positions in the web development field are expected to grow at a higher rate than the average of all occupations. As a result, 54% of job creation will emerge.

In British Columbia alone, the number of jobs opening is expected to increase to 76.6% by 2031.

The intensive expansion of e-commerce and mobile search demand for web developers continues. Canada will welcome international students, talent, and businesses to remain on top of the technology industry.

High rate of employment and possibility of permanent residency
Due to a great demand for Web Developers in Canada, Web Development-related positions are included in the NOC list (National Occupation Code In Demand List), making Canada a great country to immigrate to for permanent residency.

Moreover, the skills required in web development are standard worldwide and not unique to the Canadian labour market. It represents a lower barrier for immigrants to work in the web development field.

It is a high-paying job
With an intensely skilled labour shortage in Canada, Web developers’ salary growth is the strongest in years. Companies across Canada compete to hire skilled workers to fill core business functions.

Large-scale and small-scale companies are pushing their salaries to stay one step ahead of their competitors to access the best-of-the-best talent.

Affordable cost of living
According to Numbeo’s report, to maintain an everyday life with 7,200.00C$ earned in Vancouver, you will need to make around 8,734.06C$ in Silicon Valley.

Similarly, a survey from, living in Silicon Valley is 50% more expensive than living in Vancouver.

As a result, most immigrants choose careers in Canada over the U.S. when given a choice, especially when considering the quality of life afforded by comparable IT salaries.
web developer salary in Canada

How much does a web developer make in Canada?
The average pay for Web Developers varied based on years of experience and skills.

According to Payscale, an entry-level Web Developer with less than a year or no experience can earn an average of C$48,048 per year. At the same time, a Web Developer’s salary with 1-9 years of experience ranges from C$53,471 to C$61,148.

An experienced Web Developer with 10-19 years of experience makes an average total earn of C$68,372. In their late-career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average wage of C$72,617.

According to PayScale, the entry-mid level Web Developers’ salaries in Canada range from C$40,000 to C$77,000 a year, with an average base salary of C$54,533.

In comparison, senior Web Developers can make somewhere between C$57,000 to C$100,000 a year. Back-end developers and full-stack developers’ reportedly earn an average of C$62,307 and C$70,438 yearly.

In British Columbia, the report shows the average wage of Web Designers and developers at $60,170 a year.

Now, for you who want to become a Web Developer, the first path you should consider is to work in the front-end area. If you want to learn more insights, head to our blog on demanding skills for front-end developers; you will discover details on which skills front-end developers must have.

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Is it possible to get a job as a web developer without a degree in Canada?
Yes and no. You can start as a self-taught Web Developer. You will spend a long time gathering resources to keep up with the market demands. Most companies require Web Developers to have a degree related to the field or have work experience in areas.

If you are newly graduated or planning to shift your career, taking a proper education in the web development field is strongly recommended. It will give you a faster shortcut to a web development career with comprehensive knowledge.

However, having a degree in web development can be seen as the beginning. As technology changes all the time, Web developers need continuous learning and must stay on top of the new languages, tools, and trends. Knowing which resources to look for will save you a lot of headaches for your growth as a Web Developer.
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The Best Hiring Platforms to Find a Job as a Web Developer
Google is always a good start, but there are several platforms people use to search for jobs in Canada. In our blog on “How To Find a Job In Vancouver,” we mentioned some of our favourite websites like Indeed, WorkBC, BCjobs, Monster, Craigslist and Jooble. Head over and read more about everything you need to know in the Canadian labour market.

Over the years, LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular for both hiring managers to find the right candidate; as a result, job seekers are also using this platform to find a job. If you are new to LinkedIn, you are in luck! Learn essential Dos and Don’ts finding a job in Canada through LinkedIn and get intensive information for your profile to stand out on LinkedIn.

Conclusion: Is web development a good career?
Overall, web development is a wonderful career choice for those who are interested in computer science and want to work in an area that is in great demand.

A career in web development can be both financially and personally gratifying, with the potential for employment growth, progress, and a high earning potential.

However, before making a decision, it is critical to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. To thrive in this sector, every junior programmer should consider the necessity to stay current with the latest technologies and trends, the risk of long work hours, and the possibility of working stress.

We hope you liked the post and please feel free to leave a comment below to give your more information regarding your journey in Canada as a web developer.

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