Web and Mobile Application Development Program (Individual Courses)

1. Rich Media Development – (Photoshop & Illustrator) MADP 103

In order to be effective web designer, candidate must be able to understand the concepts of Graphic Design. This course is designed to provide candidates the concept of Designing while using Illustrator, Photoshop. Also they will be learning how to implement these graphic design tools with HTML

2. Media Development – MADP 105

The course in Social Media will provide delegates with a concept in all the techniques, theories and skills needed to develop effectively as a social media specialist.

3. Java Development – MADP 202

This course will guide through, and expose the learner to the fundamentals of Java programming and how to use Java to write applications. Also it will help candidates to learn core object-oriented concepts, including classes, packages, objects, methods, properties, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and more.

4. Android App Development and Project for Android – MADP 301

This course focuses on the operations Android, setting up development environment along with virtual machine concept and various file extensions. This course will also focus on building blocks, UI components, filters and API levels. The course ends with a project for Android and a seminar on career preparation.

5. C, Objective C an Swift – MADP 401

Designed to introduce the advantage and concepts of C language. This course also comprehensively teaches how to debug and write programs with it. Students will be learning that Objective-C and Swift support an open
style of dynamic binding – a style that can accommodate a simple architecture for interactive user interfaces.

6. iOS App Development and Project for iOS – MADP 402

This course outlines the basics of an iPhone App, X-code, use of GPS and Map kit function. Also it covers How to publish an iPhone App to the APPStore. The course ends with a project for iOS and a seminar on career preparation.