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Program Description

Program Description

Customer Relations Specialist Co-op program teaches the principles and implementation of the skills needed to deliver effective customer relations service in a variety of corporate and retail environments.

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Understand and implement the principles and strategies of effective customer service.
  • Effectively use both verbal and non-verbal communication in dealing with customers.
  • Analyze markets and target market segments and develop a basic marketing strategy to reach the target markets utilizing an understanding of the product cycle.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write and edit emails, letters, and other communications.
  • Understand and apply the principles and strategies of relationship selling.
  • Demonstrate application of various sales techniques.
6 Months
Academic Education
6 Months
Paid Co-op
4 Months
Academic Education
4 Months
Paid Co-op
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Customer relation specialist relates to the service you provide to customers before, during and after a purchase of your goods and services. This can include things such as how you interact with your customer, and how you resolve any issues that may arise. No matter the size of the business, good customer relation should be at the heart of your business model if you wish to be successful. It’s important to provide good customer relation to all customers including new, existing, and potential customers.

Although it may take extra resources, time and money, good customer relation often leads to greater customer satisfaction. This in turn generates positive word-of-mouth for your business, keeps your customers happy, and encourages them to purchase from your business again. Good customer relation skills include; treating your customers respectfully, following up on any feedback you receive from your customers, handling complaints and returns gracefully, understanding your customers’ needs and wants and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

  • Retail salesperson
  • Account service representatives
  • Sales-related occupations
  • Help desk
  • Call center representatives
  • Other customer and information services representatives, cashiers, receptionists
Start Dates

Start Dates For Customer Relations Specialist Programs

Season Starting Dates
Spring Apr 8th, 2019
Summer Jun 3rd, 2019
Aug 6th, 2019
Fall Sep 30th, 2019
Nov 25th, 2019
Winter Feb 3rd, 2020
Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Monday – Friday
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Based on the start date the student will begin with the course schedule and continue with following courses. Refer to the brochure below for more information.

Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

CRS 1 Operational Customer Relations

This course covers the foundational principles for delivering quality customer service and provides an understanding of the role of customer service in the greater organizational environment and the function of individual employees within the customer service role.

CRS 2 Strategic Marketing

Customer relations support the overall branding and marketing thrust of a successful organization. This course provides an understanding of marketing basics to enable the graduate to contribute effectively to implementation of the organization’s marketing vision.

CRS 3 Effective Communication

Effective communication is an integral part of customer relations. This course covers the principles of both formal and informal communication in the context of building customer relationships.

CRS 4 Sales and Negotiation

Customer service is, at root, a sales activity. This course teaches the fundamentals of sales, in particular the role of relationship selling within the context of delivering memorable and effective customer service.

CRS 5 Business Marketing

This course teaches the process of implementing an organization’s marketing strategy at the operational level enabling graduates to be effective in putting a plan into action including the skills needed to take a leadership role in that process.

CRS 6 personal and Professional Development

This course covers applied communications techniques that will serve the student in the process of securing employment and functioning within an organization. The focus is on creating and delivering documents and verbal presentations that effectively achieve the objective with target audiences from the HR department of a prospective employer to the customer in a retail environment to an organization’s corporate clients.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

1 – High School Graduation or equivalent; or 18 years of age.

2 – Successful completion of CICCC ESL level 3.5

3 – Qualification for ESL level 4.0 on the CICCC placement test.

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