Advertising and Graphic Design Co-op Diploma

Program Description

Program Description

The program focuses on learning the skills needed for graphic design. Students, through progressively intensive courses, will gain insights into basic drawing techniques, typography, color theories and visual communications. Through studio projects with high relevancy to present field, students get hands-on practices to apply the design theories and principles, graphic design software, advertising, documentation and photography, packaging, and commercial branding.

Advertising and Graphic Design diploma program are developed to meet the current industry demand for art, advertisement designers and graphic designers with visual, conceptual, typographic and practical skills. Classes focus on these areas of study and emphasize important skills like problem solving, teamwork and presentation skills.

12 Months
Academic Education
12 Months
Paid Co-op
Start Dates

Start Dates

Season Starting Dates
Fall Oct 1st, 2018
Winter Jan 7th, 2019
Spring Apr 8th, 2019
Summer Jul 8th, 2019
Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Schedule Monday – Friday
Evening class 5:00 PM – 9:00PM

Based on the start date the student will begin with the course schedule and continue with following courses. Refer to the brochure below for more information.

Program Curriculum
100 History and Principles of Graphic Design

This course is designed to teach students the survey of the origins, history and theory of design through an examination of prominent graphic design movements. This course will introduce the terminology, historic references, and principles that have influenced graphic design. The course will be delivered both by faculty lectures, through student presentations and field trips.

101 Typography and Letter Design

In this course, students will be studying letterforms and understand fundamental typographic principles with an emphasis on the vocabulary of typographic form and its relationship to message/purpose. This course will include lectures, discussions, critiques, presentations and creative work.

102 Fundamentals of Visual Arts

This course will introduce the skills of perception through the practice of drawing. An introduction to drawing tools through lessons focusing on rendering techniques, accuracy, space, shape, form and fundamental drawing systems

103 Fundamentals of Digital Photography

This course introduces to photography as an art medium. Lectures will cover the utilization of the camera, processing, and printing in black and white, with emphasis on perception and creative expression. Students will learn about principles of photography and the importance of photography in graphic design

104 Graphic Design Workshop I – Branding

This course will provide students with an introduction to the process of working with graphic design and advertising software. It will focus on the use of Adobe software: Illustrator to create illustrations, symbols, logos and corporate identity for a company.

105 Graphic Design Workshop II – Advertising

Introduction to the process of working with graphic design and advertising industry. Students will learn about different types of print and web advertisements. It also will focus on use of Adobe software: Photoshop to create illustrations, layout and graphically designed Advertisement.

106 Web Design and Development I

The course will provide students with the skills required to recognize and describe the fundamental aspects of Web design. The course will emphasize on a range of important factors in any Web design from identifying a site’s target market to describing interactive features using HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver.

107 Typography and Letter Design II

Students will analyze the details of typefaces and methods of using hierarchy for visual communication. Students’ will be able to apply typography techniques to projects including visual identity, poster design, and packaging. Students will be doing discussions to study. They will practice the art of typography. Also, students will learn to design new typefaces using graph paper and digital software.

108 Graphic Design Workshop III – Publication

This course will focus on the continuity of enhancing students understanding on editorial design (magazine, newspaper, and books). Using Adobe InDesign, students will learn about the design fundamentals and criteria for publication design including layout, grid, composition, elements, etc

109 User Interface Design

User interface (UI) design will introduce students to the fundamentals of user interface design including both graphics (image, type, space) and interaction design (behavior, interactions).Students will learn about design methods, prototyping, and evaluation of user interfaces.

110 Introduction to Animation

In this course students will learn how the animation industry now relies on multiple tools in the production process. Students will learn the principles of animation and how to apply them. They will explore the interfaces, controls and general techniques of creating animated projects.

111 Package Design

This course will introduce students to the techniques of paperboard packaging construction and different types of paperboard. Students will be able to explore the role of packaging as a visual communicator. Projects are designed to challenge the student’s ingenuity and thinking skills

112 Web Design and Development II

In this course, students will continue to apply the techniques learned in the course Web Design Skills with an emphasis on creating data-driven websites like a Shopping Cart, a Blog, a Content Management System, etc. using the PHP web programming language and the MySQL database server.

113 New Media Advertising

This course will focus on the history of advertising, communication design and branding. It will provide a foundation for students to survey the current state of the industry, and its influence on culture, society, and the media. Students will be able to recognize different agencies and campaigns of the past and present.

117 Portfolio

This course will enable students to prepare a professional portfolio with creative samples targeted to their career choice by improving projects and developing new work. Students will be expected to demonstrate professionalism through self-directed work on all projects.

116 Portfolio Management

This course provides an introduction to the principles of Project Management, equipping delegates to apply these principles to real projects after the course and aims to develop the range of interpersonal skills and project management techniques required to manage today’s graphic projects.

115 Media and Marketing Strategies

This course will focus on in-depth review of current media options. Students will create advertising strategies and campaigns. They will prepare client-level presentations and will be able to learn the presentation techniques needed to sell advertising ideas and to build client relationships.

114 Advertising Production and Printing Process

Students will be introduced to creative problem-solving by examining the stages of design from client, briefing through the development of original concepts with supportive market research and then the execution and delivery of the advertisement product. They will learn how to prepare digital files for final high-end output on an image setter and to direct to plate for printing.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

1 – High school graduation or equivalent; or 18 years of age.

2 – A short written essay from the student explaining why they are interested in the program and how the program can assist them to meet their future goal

3 – The minimum level of English language proficiency is one of the following :

  • TOEFL: PBT 513/CBT 183/IBT 65
  • Academic IELTS 5.5
  • Cornerstone Placement Test – Level 5 or equivalent.
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