Admission Policy

Admission Policy


To ensure applicants who are accepted in Cornerstone International Community College of Canada programs have the best chance to succeed in their studies.


Cornerstone International Community College of Canada admits qualified students without discrimination regarding race, colour, creed, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Applicants must meet program prerequisites and have sufficient financial support for his/her study in Canada.


  1. All applicants participate in a comprehensive admissions procedure to determine their likelihood of being successful in the program of choice.
  2. Inquiries are referred to the International Student Advisor who communicates (by email/ face-toface, social media, Skype or telephone) to confirm the suitability of the program and discuss career and employment opportunities and challenges. A thorough assessment is done through this process and students are provided a copy of the Student Manual, which includes all policies as required by PTIB.
  3. Evidence of Admission Requirements is confirmed by the International Student Advisor.
  4. Optional step: An interview with the instructor and/or trial lesson in the program of choice may be conducted. The Admission Coordinator obtains student credentials (e.g. transcript, proof of age, etc.) and confirms that the student meets all program admission criteria and places the evidence in the student profile.
  5. After receiving evidence that the prospective student meets all the admission criteria, the International Student Advisor prepares an invoice; and the Admission Coordinator prepares the Letter of Acceptance. These are forwarded to the student for review.
  6. The Admission Coordinator prepares the Student Enrolment Contract.
  7. The Admission Coordinator and the student review the contract and the policies that will affect the student during his/her completion of the program of study.
  8. If necessary, the prospective student meets with International Student Advisor to discuss and agree upon financial arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees.
  9. If, after understanding their rights and responsibilities, the prospective student wishes to sign the contract, the Admission Coordinator arranges for the prospective student to meet with the Principal/SEA or his/her representative to sign the contract. A copy of the signed contract is provided to the student and the original is placed in the student profile.