Business Failures and How Strategic Management Best Practices Could Avoid Them

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strategic business management tipsStrategic Management when adopted and implemented in an organization can greatly position the company to achieve its goals and outperform the competition. However, there are numerous examples of business failures that could have been prevented to some extent if managers and key players within the organization would have adopted the strategic management best practices.

Join us on our next Cornerstone TALK on the subject of “Business Failures and how Strategic Management best practices could avoid them” on Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 6:00 -7:00 pm.

Who is the Next Speaker?

A CPA and finance professional with over 17 years of experience working with businesses from diverse industries. Carol Baghdadi is currently focusing on managing her business consulting and CPA firm, which aims to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses by providing fractional CFO, financial and accounting services that they would otherwise receive from a complete in-house finance team.

What will you learn in this talk?

In this talk, Carol will walk you through the process and stages of strategic business management, point out the characteristics and benefits and then talk about business failure cases that could have been prevented in the presence of strategic management practices.

Key points:

Understand stages of strategic management

Strategic management advantages

Tips to avoid business failure mistakes

Practical Information

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13th April

6 pm – 7 pm

In-class & Zoom Room#108 / Online Free

For all other inquiries contact Cornerstone College Downtown Campus:

+1 604-620-1111

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