Corrie George Elieff Presents “Life Is Commission-Based”

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Cornerstone College is proud to announce the new edition of Cornerstone Talk scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 14 at 6 PM (PST).

These days literally everyone, no matter what they do, must “sell” at some point. Job candidates “sell” themselves to employers. Start-ups “sell” ideas to investors. Top managers “sell” their initiatives to their company boards. Bottom line: everything is sales. Your commission or perks in your life depend on how well you can sell. This Cornerstone Talk will explore the importance of sales and proclaim that it is now the time to acknowledge how vital sales skills are in every aspect of our lives.

Who is the Next Speaker?

Corrie George Elieff is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, owner, and CEO of two companies – the Young Entrepreneurs Sales Agency (YESA) and Grant Cardone Canada, the world-class sales training and education company that is committed to transforming salespeople and businesses across the country.

At the age of 18, Corrie started his career in the largest door-to-door company in Canada and became one of the top salespeople and trainers in the organization. He later went on to be recruited by a BC company and became the youngest executive of the billion-dollar organization at the age of 24.

Explore the importance of sales in every aspect of your life

Learn how to “sell” yourself to employers in Canada

Join the next generation of young and dedicated entrepreneurs

After this stint in the corporate world, Corrie set out on his own journey and launched his own company out of his one-bedroom condo! Within just three years, he turned his company into a multi-million-dollar organization despite a life-threatening illness. Corrie is also a great car enthusiast, health advocate, and educator, dedicated to fostering the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

As a rising force in the Direct Sales Industry, I am committed to building and participating in the largest rise of empowered, educated, and ethical young professionals never seen in history before. ” –

As we enter the decade of ubiquitous competition, this Cornerstone Talk event is set to equip the community with the new age sales skills to achieve their dreams in Canada.

Practical Information

Date Time Attendance Mode Virtual Location Price
Apr 14th, 2021 6:00 PM(Pacific time) Virtual and in-class Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live FREE
  • Guests are welcome to listen and observe a recorded session of the event on Cornerstone College’s social media

For all other inquiries contact Cornerstone College Downtown Campus:

+1 604-620-1111

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