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Fernando Nikolić will address the Cornerstone College community with the Digital Marketing Trends 2021 live at the Cornerstone Talk event on Zoom on Wednesday, January 27th at 12 PM (Pacific Time).

Since its launch on January 14th, Cornerstone Talk has shaken up the community with two insightful live experiences, opening the dialogue about ways to succeed in the Canadian job market by growing the professional network and strengthening the personal brand. With this new edition of Cornerstone Talk, participants will be taken on a new virtual journey, revealing the recipe for advanced digital marketing success in 2021.

Who is the Next Speaker?

Fernando Nikolić is the Director of Demand Generation at Xeneta, the world’s leading ocean, air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform. With extensive experience in SaaS, growth and account-based marketing, demand generation, sales enablement, and marketing automation, Fernando is fascinated by systems thinking, decentralization and the future.

Fernando Nikolić

The reason people follow people (not brands) is simple when you think about it. It’s the same reason we are more likely to make a charitable gift to an individual in need than to a street canvasser. We are wired to feel things for people, not for abstractions.” –

Fernando Nikolić

Director of Demand Generation, Xeneta

Learn the recipe for digital marketing success in 2021

Tailor your marketing messages based on exquisite human individualities

Excel at the Canadian market by resonating with your clients better

Argentine by origin, Fernando is part of Xeneta’s family from 30 different countries and from all walks of life, who are true believers in the innovative power of international talent.

Celebrating Diversity

Living in the times of an ever-growing population, globalization, consumer culture, and the pandemic, we are constantly looking for ways to reconnect with ourselves and the world. In our pursuit of global citizenship, it’s essential to safeguard our distinctive identities.

This new Cornerstone Talk webcast will go beyond the basic human drives and resonate with individuals based on their vision of the world. The participants will be able to better tailor their digital marketing messages, which will ultimately serve people and businesses and help them to excel in the Canadian market.

He is a zealous advocate of personality-based marketing, as our individualities underpin our thoughts, feelings and, most importantly, actions.

Event Details

Date Time Attendance Mode Virtual Location Price
Jan 27th, 2021 6:30 PM (Pacific time) Virtual Zoom Free

Guests are welcome to listen and observe the event which will be posted in full on Cornerstone College Instagram page

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Written by Anastasiia Gladkovska

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