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darren jacklin cornerstone talkOn Wednesday, February 17th at 6:00 PM (Pacific Time), Darren Jacklin will spark the conversation about how to turn difficulties into cash flow and turn passions into profits.

The audience will come into contact with the wealth of wisdom from the guru of uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities.

His unique insights align with Cornerstone Talk’s mission to inspire the community to realize their hidden potential and convert business ideas into tangible assets.

Who is the Next Speaker?

Darren Jacklin is a world-class speaker and philanthropy real estate investor who currently sits on international paid boards of directors and advisory boards of public and private companies and with his experience has successfully advised a small American real estate company to grow to an internationally recognized public trading company on the NASDAQ – an American stock exchange based in New York.

Ask yourself: for what actions do I seem to have plenty of energy? What actions invigorate me? Where do I have to spend the most energy during the day, the week, or the month? Start writing this down in a journal or diary and be presently mindful what you start to notice” –

Darren Jacklin

Business & Real Estate Investor, Board of Directors eXp World Holdings

Turn your obstacles into cash flow and passions into profits

Uncover overlooked opportunities and realize your hidden potential

Come up with innovative solutions for your future in Canada

The participants will have a chance to digitally relive Darren’s experience, become encouraged to think outside the box, and come up with innovative solutions for their future in Canada.

Practical Information

Date Time Attendance Mode Virtual Location Price
Feb 17th, 2021 6:00 PM(Pacific time) Virtual and in-class Zoom, Facebook & Instagram FREE
  • Zoom link will be shared with Cornerstone College students
  • Guests are welcome to listen and observe the live event on Cornerstone College’s social media

For all other inquiries contact Cornerstone College Downtown Campus:

+1 604-620-1111

Written by Anastasiia Gladkovska

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