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coding bootcamp cornerstone focusWant to advance your career? Does the word “coding” intimidate you? Don’t be afraid. Join us for another Cornerstone Focus on the topic of coding. 

With this 4-week coding bootcamp, you will learn the basics of coding languages such as HTML and CSS with ease.

In this modern world where companies are searching for suitable candidates, having a basic knowledge of computers may no longer be enough to differentiate yourself from your fellow job seekers. As technology dominates how companies operate, understanding coding languages can significantly position you ahead of other candidates in the digital job market.


Who is the next guest speaker?

Our passionate Tech Career Advisor, Ibrahim Sinan, will be leading you in your coding journey. Motivated to help you with your professional growth, Ibrahim will help you understand other aspects of tech, which will ensure you become digitally fluent.

What will you learn in this course?

You will be learning how to code and read coding languages. At the end of this Bootcamp, you will be able to code in HTML and CSS, create websites, edit codes, and produce your resume using HTML and CSS coding methods.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

Make your job application stand out

Beneficial for those who want to have their own business

Practical Information

Date Time Attendance Mode Price

Thursday, October 21, 26, 28/

Nov 2, 4, 9 , 11 and Nov 16, 18

10:00 AM- 12:30 PM

(Pacific time)


Free for

CICCC students

For all other inquiries contact Cornerstone College Downtown Campus:

+1 604-620-1111

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