How to get ahead in the Digital Marketing Industry

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How to get ahead in the Digital Marketing Industry

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Digital Marketing Specialist skills are very in demand right now. The demand for experienced digital marketers grew 92% in 5 years and the job market can hardly keep up.


Employers claim that there is a skills gap. This means that there are a lot of jobs that need digital marketing skills, but not enough people to do the job!


This is great news for anyone who hopes to have a career in this industry; to become a success in the digital world!


Companies say that online marketing is now their most important priority, and almost half of all marketing jobs require digital skills.

Social media skillsThe average salary for a Digital Marketing Specialist in British Columbia is $52,500 (Feb 2019). That is $7000 more per year than traditional marketing positions! It is definitely a good investment to continue your professional development in this area.


Digital Marketing includes many different skills. The people who have knowledge in all areas are ones who are most likely to be hired. And the more you know, the more you are paid!

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Communication

The job market is competitive. Employers want reliable, forward-thinking, skilled professionals who will make their company, business or brand really stand out in the online world.


To make your job-search journey a little easier, here are some top-tips to find a job in Digital Marketing:

1. Don’t stop learning

You should take every opportunity to develop your skills. Take an online course such as Google AdWords, which will look great on your resume.

keep learning digital marketing

2. Take an entry level or voluntary position

Some people say, ‘you need experience to get experience’. And this is true.


Gain advertising experience that you can put on your resume. You can do this by volunteering or taking entry level positions.


It might not sound like your dream, but it is a perfect way to begin.


The people you meet will offer valuable insight and knowledge about how to be a great Digital Marketing Specialist. Learn from your co-workers who have more industry experience than you.

keep up working at digital marketing

3. Keep a portfolio of your work

If you work on any project (big or small), keep a personal profile.


There are many different platforms to do this nowadays; from blogs and social media accounts, to creating your own website.


Make sure that it reflects your best work, your creativity, and professionalism.


Don’t forget to include a way to contact you for a job!

prepare portfolio for digital marketing

4. Network, network, network!

Check out local Meetups for local Digital Marketing networking events and job fairs!


The best thing about networking with people from the industry is that you can find out what employers are looking for. You can learn from people who have more experience and you can keep up with the industry trends.


You might even make connections and find your dream job!

networking for digital marketing

5. Create a great LinkedIn profile

This is important for any job these days. Especially if you hope to work in the online world!


97% of employers use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates for tech jobs.


Your LinkedIn profile should be updated and show your specific skills, qualifications, and experiences.


Make sure that you have a recent, professional picture and a personal statement that makes you stand out from the crowd!

6. Be proactive and persistent

It won’t always be easy. The job market is competitive. You must work hard to find a job that you are happy with. Don’t feel too bad if you do not get the first job you apply for… this is actually very normal!


Every application, meeting, and interview is an experience to bring you closer to success.

learn google adwords to become a persistentBy following these steps and keeping an open-minded attitude, you will be successful in finding that dream job!


If you would like to know more about starting your Digital Marketing Specialist career and finding a job in Canada, contact us!!

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