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Study Hospitality Management and Work in Canada

The Hospitality Management Co-op Diploma Program in Canada is a very large industry with many fields of study such as tourism and accommodation. Cornerstone is one of Canada’s largest dedicated tourism college, certified by the American Institute of Hospitality and Hospitality Education.

Academic Period

You will learn how to improve in your role as a hospitality manager by developing critical strategies that can be applied to your company in the tourism industry.

The Hospitality Management program covers comprehensive skills, from foodservice to human resources to team building, giving you all assets needed to be successful in a management role.

Paid Co-op Period

You will have the opportunity to develop the techniques that you have learned during their academic education period while working as a full-time in Canadian companies within the hospitality and tourism sector.

With this theoretical training, you will prepare a ground for a wide knowledge base and career connections for the experience needed for the industry.

The program has a start date every month.

study hospitality management

Program Curriculum

  • Managing housekeeping operations
  • Security and loss prevention management
  • Managing technology in the hospitality industry
  • Supervision in the hospitality industry
  • Hospitality facilities management and design
  • Hospitality today: an introduction
  • Managing hospitality human resources
  • International hotels: Development and management
  • Hospitality sales and marketing
  • Hotel and restaurant accounting
  • Supervision in the hospitality industry
  • Management of food & beverage operations
Program Duration Regular Price Price for Scholarship
12 months study + 12 months work $15,445 $9,045
6 months study + 6 months work $8,495 $6,995
4 months study + 4 months work $5,995 $5,595

* All prices are in Canadian Dollar

The scholarship options for the Hospitality Management diploma program are valid until  July 31st, 2020. It is necessary to complete the registration within the validity of the promotion to guarantee the price.

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