The Best Accommodation and Quarantine Plan in Canada

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The Best Accommodation and Quarantine Plan in Canada

This is the time that Cornerstone International Community College of Canada’s students can come to Canada.


Since the Canada Border Services Agency decided to ease current border measures and requirements for international students, having a quarantine plan in Canada became mandatory to enter the country.


All colleges that have approval from the government will be responsible for its students’ accommodation and tracking services after students’ arrival.


The Cornerstone COVID-19 Readiness Plan was approved by the government and Cornerstone is allowed to reopen to international students who are not currently in Canada.

Accommodation During Quarantine in Canada

During Covid-19, there are some travel restrictions for international students who would like to start or continue their education within Canada.


Following those travel restrictions and rules is a must. Please click here to carefully read the most updated restrictions.


The most important restriction for international students is to have a quarantine plan after their arrival in Canada.


Here is what you need to know before coming to Canada:

  • You must complete the Quarantine Plan Form prior to entering Canada.
  • Cornerstone will charge an administration fee of $150 for your 14-day quarantine period.
  • We will conduct daily check-ups and be available for questions during your quarantine period. Please be prepared to answer phone calls daily.
  • Complimentary transportation from the airport to your quarantine approved place is provided.
  • Cornerstone College needs to approve all self-arranged accommodation

Accommodation Prices For Self-Isolation

Self-isolation and the least possible contact policy are the core of the entire plan to minimize spreading risk and protect everyone in Canada.


It is all about 14 days quarantine in Canada and Cornerstone College here got you covered for its students.


No matter what kind of accommodation plan you choose, we will be providing free airport pickup for your health.


Please follow our pricing policy throughout your isolation for your accommodation.

Type of Accommodation Price Amenities
Homestay $800 14 days stay, 3 meals included
Residence $1150 14 days stay, 3 meals included (you can choose your own meals), TV
Master Bedroom $1350 14 days stay, 3 meals included (you can choose your own meals), TV, private washroom
Studio $1600+ 14 days stay, fully furnished, private washroom


  • $150 extra for couples
  • $250 placement fee applies.

FAQ for Quarantine Plan of Cornerstone College

Why do I need to pay a fee of $150 CAD?

This cost covers the administrative fees involved with the new quarantine protocols that have been enforced by the Canadian Government.

What is this regulation?

Cornerstone is liable for every student during their quarantine period, meaning that you will be contacted and checked on daily during your quarantine stay to make sure you are complying with the regulations in place. Also, we are available if special assistance is required. 

What happens after the payment?

We have partnered with the company Vanmates, who will be following up to either find you a quarantine place or to give you instructions for the self-arranged quarantine procedures.

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to coming to Canada?

No, the Canadian government does not require you to take a test, however, quarantine is mandatory. 

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

No, you can still arrange your own accommodation and quarantine plan as long as it complies with the quarantine protocol. Please bear in mind we still need to approve your accommodation and it might be denied if it does not follow the safety protocols. Lastly, the $150 fee is still required to cover the administrative fee for us to monitor every student daily.

Can I arrange my own transportation?

Yes, you may arrange your own transportation but you are still required to pay the $150 fee to pay the administrative fee.

What happens if I don’t fill out this form?

You might not be eligible for entering the country. Canada requires the College and the student to have a quarantine plan upon arrival. If you have already booked a quarantine place and we are not notified, you might be sent back to your home country. 

How long does it take to confirm my quarantine location?

It will take approximately 2-3 business days.

How early should I fill out this application?

As soon as you can, preferably before/on the same day you purchase your flight ticket.

Is the $150 refundable?

The fee is non-refundable.

What are the fines for not following the quarantine protocol?

Fines for not following the quarantine protocols can be up to $750,000 CAD and 6 months of imprisonment.

Can I leave my place during the quarantine period?

Yes, you can go to open spaces as long as you stay 2 feet apart and you wear gloves and a mask at all times. You can learn more about quarantine.

Who is going to pick me up at the airport?

Our local partner will contact you in 1 business day after you complete the Quarantine Plan Form to provide details about arrival and instructions.

Do you provide accommodation after the quarantine?

Yes, we do. Please refer to Vanmates for post-quarantine options. 

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  • Noelia Martos

    Please if its posible can we make a interview by skyppe

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Noelia, thank you very much for contacting us, could you please send pick your representative to arrange a meeting in your main language? Visit this link to choose the best advisor for yourself.

      • Armando

        Hi i need information in spanish about a diferent place for my self isolation quarantine , can you heló me please

        • Cornerstone

          Hi Armando, absolutely we can help you with one of the best isolation plan in Canada! Please send an e-mail to! We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

  • Verônica

    Hello! About online classes, do you provide computers so we can participate in classes?

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Veronica, thank you so much for your great question. Students should have their computers or laptops in order for them to participate in their online classes. Based on our inventory, we do also rent laptop devices for those who don’t have any device to connect to virtual classes. Please keep in mind that you are very welcome to study in-class as well.

      • Abdullahi Omar Nour

        I need college of canada

        • Cornerstone

          We are the best college where you can study in Canada 🙂

  • carolina

    Hi I am going back to Canada, but want to have a meeting on skype or something, I have a lot of questions about the quarantine plan, I want to book my own place, and I want to know everything about my quarantine plan

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Carolina, we appreciate that you reach us. Please contact your student advisor on the link below to learn more details about your quarantine plan. However, you can definitely book your own accommodation in Canada as long as our college approves your quarantine plan in Vancouver.

  • Gerardo

    Hello, I have one question. I will like to request the transportation from the airport but I am traveling with my partner and 2 small dogs. Would that be a problem? Thank you!

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Gerardo! There is no problem to bring your dogs with you. We will arrange the safest pet-friendly trip for you!

  • Gabrielle

    Is any of the quarantine accomodations pet friendly?

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Gabrielle, we do have some options for pet-friendly accommodations for small size pets. You can choose the residence option for your quarantine plan. However, we do not have any meal plan for pets yet 🙂 We look forward to seeing you here in Canada!

  • Carolina Saenz

    I’m going to Vancouver soon, i need to have a meeting in spanish, with someone, because i want to stay an Airbnb, I’m going in Jan 30

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Carolina, welcome to Vancouver! If you are a Cornerstone student, please follow the link that we shared in the article. And you can also get in touch with your student advisor in the Spanish language. We wish you to have the best trip to Vancouver!

  • Mert

    Hi, is it possible to see some pictures and get some info about the “Residence” and the “Master Bedroom”?

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Mert, thank you very much for your question. After filling out the application form, we will be contacting you regarding your application. Please feel free to ask for any pictures in terms of accommodation options. In case you didn’t receive any response after filling out the form, your international student advisor will be assisting you. We look forward to seeing you here in Vancouver!

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