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Majority of people is reluctant to learn a second language, and this is mainly because it is often considered a herculean task to undertake, but no sooner do these very same people start to gain a little perspective to its tremendous effects than they begin to work up an unquenchable thirst for learning a second language.

Improve Learning Skills

People with a good command of two or more languages tend to maintain higher levels of concentration and are often more attentive to details. Thinking in two languages and constantly shifting between one’s mother tongue and their second language can immensely contribute to staying more focused. Regardless of age, one should never sneeze at acquiring a second language. There is no denying that it is like a serious regimen of workout for the brain especially when the second language is fundamentally different to the mother tongue. To further clarify this case, let’s take the efforts of Germans and the French to learn English as a second language into consideration and compare it to that of Japanese. The simple conclusion to draw is that the Japanese go through a much more strenuous effort to learn English as a second language than do the French and the Germans and thereby have a brain which is literally more fit than that of those who speak a second language which is quite identical to their first or who simply do not speak a second language at all.

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Human’s brain is wired to seek for better ways of learning. Firm command of a second language leads to higher levels of mental adaptability to acquiring knowledge. In other words, by learning a second language we train our brain to explore new and better ways of learning. This is what top educational centers and universities are looking for in students applying to study in them.

Enjoy Different Life Styles

Learning a foreign language paves the way towards enjoying different lifestyles. There is no better way to gain insight into different lifestyles than to explore their works of literature and arts. Let’s imagine that you needed no translation for literary masterpieces produced in a foreign language; there would be no denying that knowing the language, you would experience their beauty in such an authentic manner that would otherwise be a near impossible feat.

Maximize Self-Confidence

Speaking a second language boosts your self-confidence. Among numerous benefits one reaps learning a second language are overcoming their fears and uncertainties, learning from mistakes others have made, better knowing and therefore challenging themselves, doing away with insecurities and being at ease speaking with others. Maximizing one’s trust in themselves enables them to define new comfort zones and to embark upon more adventurous lifestyles that serve nothing but contributing to a growth mindset and for those who develop a growth mindset there is no such words as, ‘’ I am not good at this or that’’. They always find ways to overcome any obstacle no matter the magnitude.


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English as a Second Language

One of the most practical languages in the world is English. More than 1.5 billion people speak English and there are projections that within the next 10 years more than 2 billion people will be learning English as a second language. These figures in themselves speak to the fact that if one for any of the above-mentioned reasons decides to take up a second language learning, English is bound to be one of their options.


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There is sound argument in favor of choosing English as a second language. Due to the current global corporate climate and the immeasurable effect of English language on it, English is the first choice of numerous industries the world over to communicate with one another. Companies in various countries lean towards hiring workforce that is capable of speaking English as a second language. More than 55 percent of internet’s content is in English. Knowing English is tremendously in aid of knowing the world that surrounds us. From finding better job opportunities to gaining deeper insight into various lifestyles, English makes the world more accessible to everyone.

reluctant : unwilling and hesitant

herculean:  requiring great effort

undertake : accept and then begin

unquenchable: not able to be satisfied

a good command of: strong enough

immensely: extremely

sneeze at: dismiss

regimen: diet

workout: exercise

go through: experience

strenuous: difficult, tough, heavy

thereby: as a result of that

adaptability: quality of being adaptable

pave the way: make things easier

do away with: remove, put an end to

embark upon: begin

magnitude: the great size of something

projection: prediction, estimate

take up: become interested or engaged

bound: be certain

sound: healthy, fit, in good condition

immeasurable: extensive, large

lean: bend from an upright position

in aid of: in support of

accessible: reachable

insight into: understanding of

feat: achievement, skill, strength

boost: increase

reap: gather, pick, harvest

By Abbas Ghanbari

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