Hospitality 2.0: Trends, Jobs, and Skills 2021

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Hospitality 2.0: Trends, Jobs, and Skills 2021

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Hospitality is pivotal to the success of businesses, and it’s not just about getting new clients, accommodating their requests and boasting positive reviews these days. COVID-19 hit the global hospitality sector hard. Hotels, restaurants, and fitness centers stood empty for months as the authorities were trying to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The world has changed drastically, as well as the expectations and behavior of people in it. As the hospitality industry was given the green light to reopen, it has become more important than ever to reimagine the customer experience and build trust. This requires an incredible amount of effort but also presents plenty of opportunities for aspiring job seekers and organizations to adapt and flourish again.

According to the Skilled Immigrant Infocenter, by 2028, over 106,000 jobs are projected to be opened in tourism in British Columbia, Canada. More than 215,000 new jobs will be created in the accommodation and food industries. The report states that more than 30% of all job openings, primarily in the hospitality, will be filled by newcomers to BC.

hospitality management job forecast in 10 years

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New immigrants to BC are projected to fill 30 percent of all job openings in the province by 2020.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! If you are reading this, it may mean you are interested in hospitality management and thinking if this is the right path for you, or perhaps looking for ways to advance your skills to meet the demands of the industry in 2021.

Is it worth it? Does it pay well? Do you have what it takes to get into this industry? Keep on reading, and you’ll get these, and more questions answered.

What is Hospitality Management?

To put it simply, hospitality management is supervising the daily operational, administrative, and commercial tasks of businesses like restaurants, hotels, resorts, stores, amusement parks etc. Be it a big hotel or a tiny restaurant, they still belong to the hospitality industry.

The job of those who work in hospitality is to ensure that their guests are taken care of and have a great experience.

The day of a hospitality manager is nothing like just a regular day. For example, a hotel or resort manager must supervise various departments, such as the front desk, housekeeping, spa and guest services, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. They often work odd hours and night shifts, too.

It may sound like a heavy burden to carry. No worries! Juggling multiple responsibilities successfully is a skill that can be acquired and honed over time. Plus, your professional team will be there to support your day-to-day operations.

According to Indeed, Vancouver, BC is the highest paying city in British Columbia for hotel managers with salaries ranging from over 45,000 CAD to the staggering 150,000 CAD per year. This is something worth the hassle.

Highest paying cities in British Columbia for Hotel Managers

What if I don’t want to be a hotel manager? The options are abundant in this industry. Being qualified in hotel management, you can work as a chef, a food and beverage manager, a catering manager, as well as in marketing, media, and financial roles. The world is your oyster!

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not just meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways. 

Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group, magnate, and investor

It may not be an easy job to meet, let alone exceed, expectations especially now, when all the services are remote. Many businesses found themselves being clueless about how to foster long-lasting relationships with their clients in the digital era. However, those businesses that went an extra mile to respond to change are the trendsetters.

hospitality management jobs

Top 5 hospitality management jobs 2021

Now that you know what hospitality management is, and learned about the current trends in the industry, you may be wondering what jobs are out there for you. Here are some of our top favorites.

# 1 Guest Services Agent

Guest services agents are the face of the company and are at the frontline dealing with guests’ requirements. They coordinate housekeeping, porters, transportation, and kitchen staff to make their guests’ stay great. Not all guest services agents have this exact title. There are a lot of alternative roles in the hospitality industry that have similar functions. Check out Indeed, get in touch with our co-op manager on  or our international team to find out more about your options.

# 2 Public Relations Manager

Building relationships with customers and engaging them into an online community have become a priority for businesses. Projecting a positive image in the media can draw more customers to the brand and foster brand loyalty. Our Hospitality Management Diploma Program can equip you with the right skills and mindset needed to succeed in this career in Canada.

# 3 Spa and Wellness Manager

It may be surprising, but there is a growing demand for spa, fitness, and wellness services in Canada now. Just check to see the number of current openings! It is also very rewarding to oversee the leisure of your guests and make their stay memorable.

# 4 Sous Chef

Preparing and delivering food is so satisfying! Food and beverage sector is on the rise in Canada, with people looking for exquisite dishes and international specialties when choosing a restaurant. Helping the chef and showcasing your talent at the start, you can become a chef in the future and take full ownership of your kitchen. Cornerstone Hospitality Management Program features the whole module on food preparation and service to prepare you for this opportunity. Read more about this course on our website:

# 5 Catering Assistant

As a project manager, you will always be looking for ways to become more efficient in your job. There are some awesome tools out there that will help you manage your time, oversee tasks, and plan effectively. They look awesome too! Read on to discover some of our top favorites.

If you need some extra guidance and ideas about how to find a job in hospitality, check out Cornerstone College tips blog just about that:

necessary skills for hospitality management

5 skills you need to find a job in hospitality

Wow! There are so many opportunities to pursue and you may be thinking that you are biting off more than you can chew, and asking yourself “do I have what it takes to be successful in these roles?” So, let’s have a look at what skills employers in hospitality are looking for these days.

#1 Flexibility

Working long hours, night shifts and even at Christmas can take a toll on you. However, as staff in hospitality, you will have to accept this reality and adapt to it. But don’t worry! Many companies offer bonuses and incentives during peak periods to raise your spirits.

#2 Communication

Being a good communicator is a must in hospitality management. Dealing with a variety of guests and staff daily requires you to communicate clear messages. But hey, the hospitality industry is just amazing if you want to develop these skills, too. Talking to so many different people every day, you are bound to refine your communication skills. That’s for sure!

#3 Attention to detail

There is no room for mistakes and inaccuracies when delivering the service and building trust with your customers. Everything needs to be of the highest quality and standards. Your guests will be watching you!

#4 Teamwork

No matter what job you decide to pursue within the hospitality industry, it will involve working as a team. For example, front-desk managers need to communicate guest concerns and requests to the staff effectively, whereas kitchen staff needs to work together to serve impeccable dinner. It is a lot of fun, too. You will definitely enjoy meeting and working with so many different people.

#5 Problem-Solving

In the hospitality industry, it’s all about the customers, and they can have multiple questions and concerns you have to deal with at the same time! You will need to think quickly and act without hesitation. As you study and work, your bank of solutions for different problems will only be growing!

hospitality management jobs

Hospitality management certifications

It seems like you are now in the know about different aspects of the hospitality management career. Having a hospitality management diploma and getting certified can boost your chances of getting hired in the industry in Canada and top up your salary in the future.

One of the most well-known certification providers in the hospitality industry is probably the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) which offers 20-plus professional certification programs for all levels of the hospitality career. Its training products and materials have been translated into many languages, including Spanish and Chinese. When doing your Hospitality Management Diploma Program with Cornerstone College, you will have access to exceptional AHLEI resources, complete a unique AHLEI course every month and get awarded globally recognized certificates upon their successful completion. All included into your tuition fees!

A keystone certification you can’t go without in the hotel industry is Opera Property Management System (PMS), that has become a benchmark for managing hotels of different sizes and complexities. Cornerstone College has recently launched a one-day online training initiative in collaboration with Bliss Hospitality that offers the participants a chance to gain the important Opera PMS skillset and get awarded a certificate of achievement on the same day. It sounds like an amazing opportunity to update your resume with such a handsome accomplishment!

Learn more about Cornerstone College Opera PMS training

Follow our social media and news to stay tuned and learn about how to register for the upcoming Opera PMS workshop and get a 20 % discount with the promo code.

Certifications are a huge bonus, but it’s the experience that really matters. By doing our unique co-op diploma program, you can gain both academic qualifications and experience, which can differentiate you from your competitors on the Canadian market.

Start your hospitality management journey in Canada with our Hospitality Management Diploma Program. Contact Cornerstone International Team in Vancouver to learn more about it, or apply now!

Things to remember:

# It’s not business as usual anymore: the world has changed and the hospitality industry in it

# The hospitality industry has survived many storms and it is recovering swiftly now

# Building trust and finding the right talent are the major priorities for brands in 2021

# There is a myriad of jobs in the hospitality industry: the world is your oyster!

# You can work on your skills to improve them and get certified in a matter of one day if you want!

That’s it! You’re all set to start your hospitality management career! Contact us for more tips and support.

Written by Anastasiia Gladkovska

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