Cornerstone Celebrates 40 Years of Student Success

2020 sees Cornerstone International Community College of Canada celebrate its 40th birthday


Over 4 decades, we have seen thousands of students come to Canada to pursue their personal and professional goals.


Whether that was to improve their English and explore the Great White North, or to study, work and live in Canada, all our students and alumni have a few things in common:

  • Unforgettable life experiences

  • New skills to take on their career journey

  • Friends that became family


To celebrate this incredible journey, Cornerstone is offering some special birthday gifts for you!

Health insurance support

Up to $6000 CAD

scholarship for our Management Programs

Up to $1,500 CAD

scholarship for our Tech Programs

We want to share the happiness, so be quick to get these limited offers!

In 1980, Cornerstone began as a small academy which trained locals in essential IT and office skills.


It all started with 2 classrooms. Now, after 40 years of passion and dedication, it has become 2 remarkable campuses offering 6 co-op diplomas and English as a Second Language to more than 1200 students.

Now one of the most established and recognized career colleges in Vancouver!

The vision has always been to be a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. To break the pattern of traditional education and to deliver something a little revolutionary in the international education world!



Cornerstone has always been clear about the ‘why?’. We understand the motivation and energy that it takes to move to another country for work and study.


Because we have grown a family of 100 experienced and dedicated international staff, many of whom began their own Canadian experience as international students and international workers.


Not to mention Milo, our Director of Happiness, who has the very important responsibility of welcoming everyone who walks through our doors with a big, furry smile.

Our curriculums are developed and tailored in-house by our expert educators. They are created with strong consideration of labor market demands, which means our students have been, and still are, outstanding candidates for job opportunities.


They provide real-world skills that you don’t get by simply reading a textbook. You are a collaborative team-member, an important peer and a recognized professional from the day you start your class.

coop programs in canada

The learning process has been a two-way road. Year by year, our students have taught us how to improve what we do, how to stand out and how to offer the best service and education to help international students reach their goals. And we will continue to do this, responding to the changing world.


The enthusiasm and energy of every student over the past 40 years have fueled the passion for what we do. And we know that we will go from strong to stronger in our thriving community.

We want you to be a part of it!