Why Cornerstone?

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Why Cornerstone?

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Here at Cornerstone International Community College of Canada, we are proud to welcome and support our students to live and work in Canada.


Every year, Vancouver welcomes more than 150,000 international students looking for education in Canada. Vancouver is a popular place to study for so many different reasons.

More than 72 nationalities

At Cornerstone, we welcome more than 72 nationalities every month. Our staff is also international; from France, Brazil, China, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Iran, Italy, England, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Ireland, and of course, Canada.


So, we can say that we know the international student experience completely. We truly understand what it is like to move to Canada to live, work, and discover life in a new country! In fact, some of our staff began their professional careers in Canada as international students.

Your New Family

You will spend a lot of time with your new classmates and the friendly faces at Cornerstone. These people will quickly become your Canadian family; your best friends.

Everyone knows everyone here at Cornerstone, which means that you will never be alone.


You will always have someone to spend your free time with, to go hiking with, or simply go for dinner with after class!

Practical Studies

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You are taught by instructors who are actively involved in their industry; with networking connections and up-to-date knowledge.


The best teaching style is a practical teaching style; learning by doing! Cornerstone offers this opportunity too. You do not simply work from a textbook.


You gain real-life insight into what your chosen industry is like; through exclusive field trips, presentations, guest speakers, and of course, from your instructors, who are keen to tell you everything they know and encourage you at every step.

Personal Approach

We know that everyone’s individual situation is different. You have your own personal goals, ways of learning and personal life experience.


Our student advisors are there when you need them, and they are happy to help.

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Do you have a question about the course? No problem!


Do you have a question about how to open a bank account? No problem!


Do you have a question about finance and living costs? No problem!

Dog Therapy

Our most important member of staff is our Director of Happiness; Milo!


Milo comes to school every day with his human (who is one of our Hospitality Instructors).


He welcomes everyone at reception. You can often find him walking through the school and getting a lot of love and attention from the students.


His favourite things to do are play with the ball, eat food and hang out at reception.


When you visit, be sure to say hello to Milo!


Finding Work

Cornerstone offers more than just education in Canada. We are also dedicated to helping our international students become strong candidates in the current labor market. We support you with creating a resume, searching and applying for jobs and succeeding in a job interview.


We have a team who specialize in supporting students to find work in their chosen industry, and we work closely with local employers to understand the current market needs.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a part time job or a full-time co-op placement; our mission is to help you find work!


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then speak with someone from our experienced team.

Kayley Harding

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  • Emil holst

    I’m from Ecuador and i ‘m interesting in this university so if you can give me more information it will be great


    • Cornerstone

      Hi Emil, thank you so much for choosing us! Our hands-on teaching style for each of our programs help all our students to step into their successful career! One of the most important points is that Cornerstone provides for its students is that all diploma program classes are equipped with computers in order to deliver all information in the best way with our experienced teachers. If you would like to register now, please follow the admission section in the menu and click on the Apply Now! Welcome to Cornerstone!

  • Wallas Lima

    I am from Porto de Galinhas, Brazil and I am applying to study at Cornerstone College. I have been searching for a college with both excellent quality and accessible fees/tuitions. I found at CICCC. I hope to begin classes as soon as well. thus, I believe that to study at Cornerstone college will provide me the practical knowledge to grab a good position in the market field in any place around the world

    • Cornerstone

      Dear Lima, we appreciate for your precious thoughts and you can anytime get in touch with our marketers from Brazil in order to register to our college in Vancouver, Canada.

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