The Best Local Hikes in Vancouver

The Best Local Hikes in Vancouver

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You simply cannot live in Vancouver and not enjoy all the nature, scenery and hiking activities that British Columbia has to offer.

Maybe you have searched Google and seen the impressive pictures of Canada’s West Coast… well, we promise that these images are much more breathtaking in real life!

As we approach Summer, we thought we would make a list of the nearby hikes that our students always talk about. These are the top 5 unforgettable hikes that our students love.

Let’s take a look at easy and intermediate-level hikes in Vancouver.

1. Stanley Park Hike

Stanley Park is located at the heart of downtown Vancouver just for you to get into nature right next to the city!

Are you a visitor or an international student studying in Vancouver? We can assure you that the Stanley Park hike will give brief summary of what you will be experiencing in Vancouver during your stay!

Cherry blossoms that start blooming in March-April will give you so much joy to watch all around the park.

While hiking, there will be two options that will provide you with a different experience. If you would like to follow up seawall side, the path will take you all the way down to English Bay.

Would you like to touch the heart of nature? Then, the forest in Stanley Park will be ready to amaze you!

Things to see during Stanley Park Hike

Let’s have a look at what you will be seeing during your hike in Stanley Park!

  • Totem poles
  • Brockton Point Lighthouse
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Different lakes such as Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lakes
  • Flower gardens
  • Siwash rock
Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
10 minutes by walking Easy to hike Available

2. Hiking at Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon Park is one of the most popular destinations for hiking in British Columbia and is being visited by locals, international students and tourists all year round!

It is home to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, which is 50 meters above a beautiful river and an excellent place to take adventurous selfies. You will be able to arrive at the suspension bridge right after a 5-minute-walk from the parking lot.

Lynn Canyon Park is huge and relatively challenging to discover everywhere at once.

There are many different trails to choose from, so if you feel more energetic, you can spend a long time exploring.

If you decide to explore further, you can find waterfalls and lakes such as Twin Falls and Rice Lake, where many Hollywood movies have been filmed.

We also highly recommend you to take a left turn after the bridge because you will be seeing the swimming area.

Lynn Canyon Hiking Places

Let’s sum up where you can visit Lynn Canyon during your hike.

Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
45 minutes Easy to hike Available

3. Hiking at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is a perfect place for a day trip with your new friends.

This trip will require you to have a driver’s license in Canada as a student because it is located near Whistler.

If you would like to find a parking spot, always try to arrive very early there as it is a very popular hiking destination. Otherwise, good luck with finding a spot 🙂

When you arrive at any lake at Joffre Park, be prepared for incredible scenery and unbelievable turquoise view.

Joffre Lake Hiking Places

  1. Lower Joffre Lake is 5 minutes away from the parking lot
  2. Middle Joffre Lake takes an hour to arrive to witness its beauty!
  3. Upper Joffre Lake is the most challenging and the most worth part to seeing because of its magnificent scenery
Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
3 hours Intermediate Not Available

4. Hiking at Lighthouse Park

This is one of the most beautiful local parks, located in West Vancouver.

It is an easy hike with different trails to choose from. Eventually, you will reach the Lighthouse and see stunning views of the mainland and Vancouver Island.

There is also a chance to see sea lions resting on the rock just next to the Lighthouse!

Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
60 minutes Easy Available (#250)

5. Deep Cove Hike

We are so lucky to have Deep Cove nearby!

Deep Cove hike is one of the most relaxing activities in British Columbia.

Visited by celebrities and home to the delicious Honey’s Doughnuts, Deep Cove is one of the most popular hiking spots for people of all ages.

You can get to Deep Cove by bus. It takes approximately 45 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

When you arrive, you can explore the cute local shops before heading to the hiking trail (part of the Baden Powell trail from Lynn Canyon).

It is quite an easy hike that leads you to Quarry Rock. A beauty spot that looks out over Burnaby Mountain and Belcarra National Park. You won’t believe your eyes.

Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
45 minutes Intermediate Available

6. Hiking at Stawamus Chief

Okay, The Chief is not an easy hike, but it is worth it, we promise!

It is part of Garibaldi National Park in Squamish. It is a 1-hour drive from Vancouver and you need a car to get there.

It is a beautiful drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, where you will look out at the ocean, islands and mountains.

When you arrive, you should be prepared for a steep hike.

Transportation from Downtown Vancouver Hiking difficulty Public Transportation
45 minutes Difficult Not available

Important Hiking Tips for Vancouver Trails

Hiking activities are the most popular activities in Vancouver as there are many different opportunities to meet nature to get away from city life.

Wherever you decide to hike in Vancouver, there are a few life-saving hiking recommendations that we must share with you.

Let’s have a look at the list to have the best hiking experience in Canada!

  • Never forget to get food and water with you as there is no place to buy anything around trails.
  • Having comfortable footwear or walking boots will assist you to get the best hiking experience!
  • If you decide to go hiking during Winter, just take some warm clothing. It can get cold in the forest areas.
  • Just let someone know where you are going in order to take quick action in case you get lost.
  • Be smart about wildlife. You will share the hiking trails with bears. You probably won’t meet one, but you should know what to do if you see one.
  • Most importantly have a map with you to know where to go without losing any track.

We will enrich the article to introduce more hiking places in Vancouver for you.

So, we highly recommend to you keep your eyes on this article from time to time as you can come across some great ideas to take your friend there with you!

Are you interested in different activities in Vancouver?

Just have a look at our social media accounts below to see what else you can do in Vancouver!

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