Lynn Canyon Park


It is no secret that British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, including Lynn Canyon Park.


It has a Pacific Ocean coastline, mountain ranges, and glacial national parks.


If you are lucky enough to live and work in Vancouver, then you will discover how many opportunities there are for hiking and exploring. It is perfect if you love being outdoors – you will never be bored.


When we ask our students what their favourite is the thing about Vancouver, we hear the same thing over and over; it is so easy to find nature. They’re so right.

lynn canyon

What does Lynn Canyon trip cost for anyone? Nothing. $0. It’s free. Nature is free.


A favorite spot for hiking for local people and tourists is Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge, located in North Vancouver.


From the Downtown area, you can be at the park in less than one hour, by taking only public transport. No car is necessary!


Lynn Canyon Park was officially opened in 1912 and is 617 acres of colorful forest and natural landscape. It is so special that it has even been used for filming TV shows such as Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1.

lynn canyon stairs
lynn canyon

How to Get Lynn Canyon

Start at Waterfront Station (which is a 2-minute walk from Cornerstone) and take the beautiful Seabus journey to North Vancouver.


On your 15 minute ride to North Vancouver, you will see stunning views of Grouse, Seymour and Cypress Mountains (local ski areas), as well as West Vancouver and out in to the Pacific Ocean.


You will arrive in Lonsdale Quay. From here, the bus stop is directly in front of you!

lynn canyon path

Before you take the next part of your journey, we recommend stopping at Lonsdale Quay Market and browsing the local food and handmade gifts.


You can stop for brunch or even a quick visit to a local brewery.


Then, take the 228 bus from Bay 5 (Lynn Valley). The journey to Lynn Canyon will take about 25 minutes.


You won’t be surprised to know that Canadian bus drivers are super friendly.


So if you are not sure where to go, then you can ask the bus driver where you should get off and you will find that he or she will usually be happy to help. Nice, right?


When you get off the bus, you will see a sign directing you to Lynn Canyon Park.

lynn canyon park river
lynn canyon park

Top tip: look up. As you walk through the peaceful neighborhood in the valley, you will be amazed at how many trees are around you.


Most of the trees in and around the park are between 80 and 100 years old.


It won’t be long until you arrive at Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.


Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge is 50ft long and crosses 50 meters above the water; over the canyon, trees, river, and waterfalls. It is totally safe and you can hold on if you feel a little nervous.


But honestly, the view from the middle of the bridge is amazing. Your nerves will disappear.


It will be the perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures. You won’t even need to use a filter… seriously.

suspension bridge

Top tip: arrive early to avoid the crowds and get the best pictures. Especially in the Summer months.


The Suspension Bridge is just the beginning. You can decide which route to take after you have crossed the bridge.


If you go left, you will take a beautiful walk to 30 Foot Pool, where you can cool off in the water.


Next, you will walk along the Pipe Bridge and eventually back up to the bus stop.


If you turn right, you will follow the Twin Falls trail, which eventually leads you to Rice Lake.


If you feel brave, you could even take a swim. It may be cold though; it is Canada after all.


You can easily spend a whole day exploring Lynn Canyon Park if you want to. It is also great for a morning or afternoon trip. That is why local people love it so much.


You will see families, friends, couples and solo explorers enjoying a picnic in the forest.

lynn valley
lynn canyon valley

If you are planning a trip to Lynn Canyon:

  • Wear comfortable shoes- a pair of trainers will be fine, or waterproof boots in the rainy months.


  • Take some warm clothing. Because the park is mostly shaded by the trees, it can still feel cold, even in the summer months.


  • Take a picnic or some snacks and plenty of water. There is a cafe at the start of the trail, but there is no Starbucks in the forest. Sorry.


  • Remember that you are in Canada. People do meet bears whilst hiking. Although it is unlikely, you should stay safe by sticking to the marked trails and follow the advice on the signs around the park.


  • Take your trash with you. Don’t be that person. Leave only footprints behind you.

Have you visited Lynn Canyon? What did you think?


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