How to Extend Your Stay in Canada | Experience+

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How to Extend Your Stay in Canada | Experience+

Do you want to know how you can extend your stay in Canada, earn money and visit different cities without extending your permit?

As international students, the study permit process might be one of the most headache things we have to do. The anxieties of the waiting time, the fear of getting the permit denied, and countless documents are things you do not want to go through again.

Because of unfamiliarity with the rules, many students forgot to extend their study permits before the deadline and, as a result, missed their chances to get more time in Canada.

But, how about we say you can apply the study process once, and you get to stay longer, work, and study in Canada without applying for the extension again? It sounds tempting, is it not?

Want to know how you can stay longer in Canada? Here is how.

Introducing Experience+

“Experience+” is our new initiative for students who want more time to study, work and travel in Canada.

Usually, the co-op diploma programs consist of academic and co-op work periods. Once students have completed their academic part, they will start their co-op process – working full-time with paid salary.

Typically, the reasons that students extend their study permits are different. Some may transfer from another school and need more time to finish their study at the new school. Some may simply want to extend their stay in Canada. Or some may be in the negotiation process of sponsorship with the employer they work for during the co-op.

experience plus in canadaWhatever your reasons are, we have a solution for you.

With the Experience+, students will get an extended 4-month break in which they can work or travel in between the academic and co-op periods.

Why Choose Experience+?

The Experience+ is designed for anyone who wants to get more during their stay in Canada. As we understand that everybody has different goals, we want to accommodate your needs.

  1. Work full-time during the break
  2. Travel in Canada
  3. Increase your chance of finding better co-op opportunities
  4. Catch up on what you missed during your academic period

how to stay in canada more than 6 months

1. Work full-time during the break

According to the Canadian study permit rules, you are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week when studying full-time diploma. But with the Experience+ 4 months break, you can fully focus on the full-time job if you desire.

The benefit of this is that you will get to work in the Canadian workplace of your choice, learn more about the job market in Canada and get a regular salary like the work permit holders.
travel in canada

2. Travel in Canada

While studying in Vancouver, there is a possibility that you may not have enough time to enjoy Canada because of your education or working intensity.

If your dream is to visit as many cities in Canada as possible, this is the best time you could ever get to visit vibrant cities or awe-inspiring sceneries!

Before going on with your co-op period, you can take advantage of this 4-month break gap to explore Canada or even the USA. And if you are running low on the budget, remember you can work full-time during this period – there is always a lot of seasonal work all over Canada.
extend your stay in canada with extra coop research

3. Increase your chance of finding better co-op opportunities

You want to try out different positions and companies before deciding on taking one for your co-op period. You can do just that!

For many students, the co-op in Canada is when you want to show your full potential and growth to the employer. Having a chance to try out different roles will help you recognize your skills and allow you to prepare yourself for the challenge you might face during your co-op period.
co-op extension in Canada

4. Catch up on what you missed during your academic period

Are you worried that you had a lot of things to learn but not enough time?

So you can take your 4-month-break and focus on your classes to be ahead in your competition.

Whatever you have on the to-do list, you have time to get it up to speed within your 4-month break.

More Time to Work, Study & Travel in Canada

We offer 2 different alternatives; 12 months and 24 months.

Let’s have a look at them in detail. Confused? Don’t be! – Let us break it down for you.

12 months diploma program & Experience+

The formula 6-4-6 means that you will spend the first 6 months in the academic study, then enter the Experience+, which you can either work or travel or both if you desire!

The Experience+ break lasts for 4 months. After that, you will get back to your co-op period for 6 months. Overall, you will gain 16 months of study and work in Canada.

extending your stay more than a year

24 months diploma program & Experience+

The same idea applied to the 24 months diploma program. 12-4-12 means the academic part will take 12 months, then 4 months of break time and 12 months of co-op work.

For this, the Experience+ also takes 4 months. Then your 12 months co-op starts. All in all, you will get to experience Canada for 28 months!

extending your stay more than two years

Please have a look at our diploma programs in Canada that you can apply for as well.

If you would like to download our EXP+ brochure and learn about our special pricing options for you, please fill out the form below.

We will immediately send all details to you!

Welcome to Experience+

Written by Aimwalee Hansen

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