Cornerstone Helps Inlingua Vancouver and Invo College!

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Cornerstone Helps Inlingua Vancouver and Invo College!

Recently, a well-known and well-established institution in Vancouver had to make a decision about how to face the challenges of COVID-19.

The Founder, Juan, took quick and professional action. The moment William Gerard, CEO of Cornerstone, heard the news, he picked up the phone and asked “How can I help?”.


The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many institutions to close their doors either temporarily or permanently. Cornerstone, founded in 1980, has now become one of the biggest private Career Colleges in Vancouver.

“We have the chance to host over 1200 international students, which puts us in a very strong position to be able to help the entire community. Our virtual classes have been running very successfully!”

Cornerstone has joined forces with Invo / Inlingua to make this transition as easy as possible for all students, both in Vancouver and abroad. Over the years, Cornerstone has helped hundreds of students to recover from the closure of other institutions such as Imperial Hotel Management College and most recently Red Academy.

On Monday, April 20th, Cornerstone and Inlingua / Invo College will be hosting a webinar to guide students and make this transition as simple as possible.

For more information, please contact William Gerard at

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