The Benefits of Virtual Learning: The good, the great and the digital

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The Benefits of Virtual Learning: The good, the great and the digital

The global pandemic of COVID-19 [Coronavirus] has shaken the way we do things. From socializing and shopping to working and learning.

We are forced to be creative and step out of our comfort zone, and you know what? That is a positive change in these challenging times!

You have probably seen people posting their home offices, or virtual team Zoom meetings on Instagram

virtual meetings

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Schools, universities and workplaces have closed temporarily, so technology is playing a bigger role in our daily lives than ever before.

Keep reading to find out about how Cornerstone is ahead of the game with online learning in Canada!

Virtual Learning is the new normal and it is proving to be a huge success!

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  1. What is virtual learning?
  2. What Virtual Learning platforms do you use?
  3. The Top 5 Advantages of Virtual Learning

1. What is Virtual Learning?

Virtual Learning, distance learning, digital classroom, online classes…

The thing they have in common is that they do not take place in a traditional classroom environment.

virtual learning and educationVirtual Learning uses a digital platform (such as Skype or Zoom) to offer live classes, given by an instructor.

You are part of a group and you interact with your classmates. You can share ideas, thoughts, feedback and ask questions. You still receive the maximum quality of education from your instructor.

2. What Virtual Learning platforms do you use?

There are different virtual learning platforms to deliver online classes in Canada. The most popular platforms include Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts.

virtual learning canadaYour instructor will select the best virtual platform to deliver an interactive class with lots of communication between the group. Digital Marketing and Hospitality Management may use different platforms. The focus is on making it the most appropriate method of education delivery.

You receive an exclusive link to enter your class before you start.

Your environment may be different, but the quality of education delivered is still the highest standard.

3. The Top 5 Advantages of Virtual Learning?

  • You can be in class from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can be in class anywhere in the world! This means you can join the Cornerstone family before you arrive in Canada!


  • It is simple to use! You only need a device with a camera and microphone, such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet.


  • You will develop digital skills for the real world. It is clear this is the direction we are going with regards to our working lives, so learning how to use this kind of technology effectively will be a big advantage when you are looking for a job!


  • You won’t be left behind. You can solve doubts and ask questions to you instructor in real-time. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to speak one-to-one with you instructor after the digital class about the materials and topics in the lesson.


  • You can review the lesson. After your live digital class, you can watch a recorded version of the lesson to review information and be extra-clear!

Let’s not forget the most exciting advantage of Virtual Learning; you can take part in class wearing your most comfortable clothes, even pajamas, and no one will ever know.

It is important to continue our professional development and challenge the way we learn new things. Technology is growing in a big way and we are here for that!

#CICCCVirtual is live and an overnight success. Our amazing students have jumped onboard the digital platform. We are so excited to grow Cornerstone even further with the help of our hardworking learners.

Here is what our students are saying about the exciting new changes:

For me it was really good. We can schedule and work with our groups by Skype. The conferences twice a day keep us in touch with [our instructor] and updated with projects

Emily, Digital Marketing Specialist

It is useful to record the class on Skype. We can review easily if we forget some parts. I can review my English as well – whether it’s correct or not

Mituhiro, Web & Mobile App Development

Virtual Learning, online learning, digital classes… whatever you prefer to call it, is the latest way to study.

We are so excited to see our student’s faces again when the COVID-19 is under control, but watch this space because virtual learning is here to stay!

Kayley Harding

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  • Jonathan Benavides

    Hi, would like to have more information about the virtual courses, thanks

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Jonathan, our classes are equipped with the latest technology to make our online students feel like in the classroom. You can feel free to contact our academic advisors to have the best information about our sessions. Meet our team here.

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