We Mean Business, International Business

The International Business Management Diploma Program is a unique programme that has been designed especially for CICCC.

It is perfect for anyone who is keen to master the skills needed to pursue an exciting career in the business management world.

What makes it extra special is the team of teachers; accomplished in their field and excited to share their insight.

We spoke to Pablo, a student and Dr. Michele Vincenti, one of the expert teachers about their experiences.

Pablo Arturo Castillo

Pablo graduated in International Business in 2011, whilst working for Hewlett Packard. He was interested in travel and spent time as a working professional in Europe, South America and his home in Mexico City.

We Mean Business, International Business

Pablo previously studies ESL in Canada and thought about taking a second degree, but he found that it did not offer what he truly wanted to help him progress professionally. Pablo was looking for practical experience supported by his studies and the ability to live overseas.


Cue Cornerstone’s International Business Management Diploma!

How is this course helping you reach your goals?

Pablo told us that the support he has received from Cornerstone to help him with his job search and develop an outstanding resume has been ‘really amazing’.

Pablo is almost half way through this course and will start work soon.

The Digital Marketing module in this course has been valuable because I have applied what I have learned directly to my own business practice’.

What is the highlight of your time at Cornerstone?

The highlight of Pablo’s time at Cornerstone, he told us, is how flexible and willing to help the staff have been. They are very accommodating to everyone’s different circumstances and help the students’ individually to succeed.

This course has encouraged Pablo’s vision of the direction he wants to go with his career.

He also loves the freedom of being in Vancouver and experiencing something new all the time.

How do you find having different teachers on the course?

‘The professors’ expertise are very important. They have the roots in experience to teach the students what they should know’

Pablo explained that he appreciates having teachers who have come from the industry because they have real examples, real solutions and practical knowledge to share, which creates confidence.

This course uses a computer-based learning platform rather than books. How does this help you?

Pablo has been impressed with the modern computer based learning on the course, rather than using only books. ‘Using a digital platform in class is good because you need can apply it to the real world. Companies are always using the latest technology’.


What is your favourite place in Vancouver and why?

Whistler! Or Canada Place!

Dr Michele Vincenti

Dr Vincenti Ph.D., MBA, M.A., CMC, C.Mgr (Canada), CIM, C.I.M., FCSI, STI, CMgr (UK) F.CMI (UK), CITP (mi-KEH-leh) C-LEVEL MANAGER (yes, he has all those titles, really!) decided to start teaching after spending many years in a comprehensive and successful career in international business operations and consultancy.

He told us that he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge because he can ‘say things the way that they are’. He loves making a difference and seeing his students’ succeed after their studies.


What kind of career can a student expect to have after the International Business Management course?

Dr Vincenti explained that the International Business Management Course provides a foundation of skills to easily and confidently apply to many different industries and office-based roles.

It will even prepare you for an MBA, if you would love to continue your studies.

This course is perfect for keen entrepreneurs too, Dr Vincenti told us! British Columbia has the largest population in Canada of people owning a start-up business, with 20% of immigrants being self-employed.

Entrepreneurs need management experience to prevent failure’. 

As a Mentor for Futurpreneur Canada, Dr. Vincenti knows what creates success!

A course in International Business Management could lead you to a job in one of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

The average salary for an Operations Manager is $67,187

The average salary for an Executive Assistant is $51,974

The average salary for an Administrative Assistant is $38,943

Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant are two of the most desirable jobs in Vancouver and there are always a lot of job openings for these roles.

Please follow payscale.com to find more info about average salary.

What makes this course at CICCC different?

It is about building confidence to use the knowledge in real life practice, the confidence to approach complex ideas in real life’

‘There are a lot of practical exercises. There is more practical preparation than an MBA’

What is your favourite place in Vancouver and why?

Canada Place. Because you have the views of the mountains, the city, and the ocean!

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