Dog Therapy


Some people might say that the best therapist has fur, four legs, and a tail…

Dogs bring us laughter, loyalty, and unconditional love, but they also provide amazing benefits to our mental health and well-being; how great is that?!

There are many recent studies to show the benefits of having a dog in the workplace or place of study.

More and more universities and schools now provide dog therapy to help increase their student’s positive mood, especially during exam time.


Research has shown that therapy dogs in schools can enhance skills and reduce stress and improve our brain function.

Here are some more amazing effects that our loyal human companions offer us:



Dogs are a great conversation starter and give us a mutual topic of discussion. They encourage us to interact with other people and they can improve our self-esteem!


Having a dog around can create a calm, happy and productive environment. This is great if you need to work as a team on a project or presentation

Mental and Emotional

Our lovable friends can improve our mood instantly! They make us laugh and teach us compassion.

Scientists have found that dogs can help to improve our memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

If you feel overwhelmed with trying to balance work, studies, socializing and everything else life can give us… then having a four-legged companion around can definitely help. They reduce our anxiety levels and reduce feelings of stress.


They give us the motivation to move more – playing fetch, running around with them or taking them for a walk. A healthy body means a healthy mind… which makes your lessons much more relaxed!


Dog therapy can also reduce our blood pressure. After a stressful event, the research found that people who own dogs recovered much more quickly than those who did not.


You may also be surprised to know that being around a dog can actually help to reduce allergies. Young people who are exposed to pets often have stronger immune systems.


Cornerstone is a home away from home. The staff and students you meet become your extended family and good friends.

What happens 15 minutes after petting a dog?

  • Your blood pressure drops (good for your heart)
  • Seratonin (relaxation chemical) rises
  • Cortisol (stress chemical) drops
  • Dopamine (happy chemical) increases
  • Anxiety is reduced
  • You are more motivated

Milo is Cornerstone’s resident furry friend and our favourite distraction. We spoke with Milo to learn more about him…


A Day In The Life

Milo, tell us how you started at Cornerstone…

Well, Yahya was always talking about me to the staff and students at Cornerstone and one day he introduced me to everyone. I just never left! I arrive every morning with Yahya and enjoy keeping everyone company with a little dog therapy.

Where can we usually find you in the school?

I am usually helping Marika to welcome students at reception, playing fetch in the corridor and trying to sneak in to Hospitality Management or International Business Management lessons!

What is your favourite thing about the school?

Everyone is so nice. There is always someone around to scratch my ears, rub my tummy or throw a ball for me.

Milo, can you do any tricks?

I can do many tricks! I’m a very good boy, but I do my best tricks in return for treats.

If you would like to shake hands (or should that be paw?) with Milo, or you are interested in starting your journey with us at Cornerstone, please visit our college.

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  • Miguel

    Milo is the best! It is always great to see how he can engage with students and make them feeling welcome at the college.

  • Micheal

    Milo always gives a better sense for those who want to study in Vancouver.

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