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Cornerstone Talk Live

Key players in modern industries share their firsthand experience of overcoming multiple challenges and going all the way to the top in business.

Starting Thursday, January 14th, in a series of live events, top managers will take the stage at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time) with an extraordinary immersive experience exposing Cornerstone International Community College of Canada (CICCC) students and guests to their personal life stories streaming on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook.

This online adventure will invite its participants to follow the footsteps of industry influencers to celebrate their resilience and success, as well as recognize them as new community role models. Each 1-hour virtual session promises powerful stories, inspiring real-life examples, and a chance to pose pressing questions about how to succeed in the Canadian workplace.

cornerstone talk zoom

1. Get immersed into the live experience streaming on Zoom and other Social Media platforms

cornerstone talk leadership

2. Follow the footsteps and get inspired by powerful stories of industry leaders

learn how to overcome challenges

3. Learn from experts directly how to turn your challenges into opportunities

grow your personal network

4. Grow your professional network to start or advance your career in Canada

Not just a regular live speech given to the audience, but the whole learning, cultural and community experience; a networking opportunity like no other in this unprecedented time for us” –

William Gerard

CICCC Managing Director

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada, a fully accredited college specializing in unique co-op programs and English as a Second Language training since 1980, has two campuses in the heart of Vancouver: in West Hastings and Granville.

Its mission is to strike a perfect balance between high-quality academic studies and practical work experience for international students of over 64 nationalities. The College partners with a number of industry champions to provide unparalleled on-the-job training to its students.

With Cornerstone Talk going live on popular platforms and social media, the audience will be fully immersed in the event from the comfort of their homes, wherever they may be, and learn from experts directly about how to turn their challenges into opportunities.

In today’s ever-changing environment, it is easy to lose your way and become overwhelmed by many obstacles. Cornerstone Talk invites its participants to see and reflect on their own weaknesses and strengths through the eyes of the other and calls them to action.

Cornerstone Talk supports its international audience in their career quest in Canada and around the world by passing on exclusive knowledge and insights from industry leaders. Contact Cornerstone College International Team for more professional advice and support.

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Practical Information

Cornerstone Talk has planned live events on;

  • Thursday January 16th,
  • Monday January 18th, and
  • February 17th at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time). Follow us on our social media and stay tuned.
  • The Zoom link will be shared with Cornerstone International College of Canada students
  • Guests are welcome to listen and observe the event live via the Cornerstone College Instagram page

Price: FREE

For all other inquiries contact Cornerstone College Downtown Campus:

+1 604-620-1111

Written by Anastasiia Gladkovska

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    Thanks for the information. I will try to take a virtual part in the presentation.

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