Cornerstone Talk Live Premiere This Thursday

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Cornerstone Talk Live Premiere This Thursday

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First Cornerstone Talk Event Premiere

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Who is the first speaker?

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Why join Cornerstone Talk online?

Rupert Whiting joins Cornerstone College online this Thursday, January 14th as a keynote at the first Cornerstone Talk event in the series

Cornerstone Talk Event Premiere This Thursday

Cornerstone College is pleased to announce that Rupert Whiting will be headlining the first virtual Cornerstone Talk event streaming live on Zoom, Facebook, and Instagram on Thursday, January 14th at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time).

This week, Cornerstone College will have a premiere of an entirely new virtual initiative that is going to create a link between the students, the community, and the noted industry experts, who will share their insights to help the participants land their dream job in Canada.

Cornerstone College plans to deliver two more virtual Cornerstone Talk events in the upcoming weeks: on Monday, January 18th, and on Wednesday, February 17th at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time), which will unite its audience in the hunt for ample networking and job opportunities.

cornerstone talk- ruper whiting

Who is the First Speaker?

Rupert Whiting is a Richmond-based independent consultant, who has worked for major corporations, such as CIBC and lululemon, which employ high numbers of immigrants in various roles. He emigrated from England together with his wife and has spent the last 15 years exploring the local market and how Canadians operate.

Join the community in the hunt for networking and job opportunities

Learn from the expert’s personal experience of overcoming and witnessing job search challenges in Canada

Get exclusive advice and guidance on how to succeed in the Canadian workplace

From his own personal experience and witnessing the challenges faced by others when pursuing a long-term satisfying career in Canada, Rupert has an uncommonly blunt and open set of views about what it takes to succeed in the Canadian workplace.

There is a huge value that international experience can bring to Canadian business, and the opportunities abound for talent with the right mix of work-ethic and business intelligence” –

Rupert Whiting, Independent Consultant

Rupert’s most recent clients are avid recruiters of international talent in Canada.

Why Join Cornerstone Talk Online?

Cornerstone Talk will offer support for the multicultural workforce to perform and succeed in the rapidly changing Canadian workplace.

These live interactive session series are a unique opportunity for Cornerstone College students and guests to learn from seasoned specialists who have been facing the same problems for many years and getting the results we seek.

Practical Information

  • Cornerstone Talk has planned live events on Thursday January 16th, Monday January 18th, and February 17th at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time). Follow us on our social media and stay tuned:
  • The Zoom link will be shared with Cornerstone International College of Canada students
  • Guests are welcome to listen and observe the event live via the Cornerstone College Instagram page

Written by Anastasiia Gladkovska

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  • Marilin Balmaseda

    I would love to participate in this conference. I think I could learn from the experiences and advice of Mr. Rupert Whiting.

    • Cornerstone

      That’s awesome Marilin, we would be glad to see you at the event!

  • Herrera Cervantes Elsi Jazmin

    Hi Good afternoon, a question for Mr.Rupert Whiting what position and roles are in demand now in Vancouver ?

    • Cornerstone

      Hi Herrera, thank you so much for your question! Many jobs exist in manufacturing and production, delivery drivers are in high demand, retail has a high turnover of staff so these jobs come up often. Hospitality jobs are slow currently but are expected to really take off in 6+ months. It all comes down to having a great attitude and being willing to work hard. Once you get that initial local experience it should be easier to find roles as your local network develops and grows.

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