The Best 6 Personal Swot Analysis Examples for Students

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The Best Personal Swot Analysis Examples for Students [2022]

SWOT analysis is one of the first marketing theories that every marketer needs to know of, in the marketing world. Many of us are familiar with the term and probably have used a SWOT analysis, whether for school or company projects.

We prepared the best 6 SWOT analysis examples with our students for you to understand all aspects of it.

Outside of the marketing world – believe it or not, the SWOT is only one of the marketing buzzwords that we tend to think less about and never put much interest in.

But if you’re reading this blog, congratulations! – You’re about to learn one of the most effective ways to improve yourself for your career strategic planning. So keep on reading, shall we?

What is SWOT?

SWOT (also known as SWOT matrix, SWOT analysis and SWOT method) is a framework for identifying and analyzing businesses’ internal factors, namely strengths and weaknesses and external factors, namely opportunities and threats. The framework helps differentiate and establish unique opportunities for companies within a broader market to determine their strategic business directions.
what is swot analysis

The History of SWOT Analysis

Before we dive deeper into the framework, let’s understand the originality of SWOT. The history of SWOT analysis dates back to the 1960s. A management consultant from Standford Research Institute, Albert Humphrey and his team invented a framework to help businesses with more sustainable strategic planning.

The framework initially was introduced as SOFT Analysis (Satisfactory, opportunity, fault and threat). With a decade of work, Albert and his team eventually proposed a SWOT analysis that is used to access criteria such as products, processes, customers, distributions, finances, and administration.

The Actual Meaning of SWOT

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors to companies. Typically, these internal elements can be controlled or changed by the companies. In contrast, factors like opportunities and threats are external factors that the companies can’t influence or change. However, companies can take advantage of opportunities and protect against threats.

Strengths describe what a business good at, which separates it from competitors.

Weaknesses are barriers that stop a company from performing at its ideal performance.

Opportunities refer to positive factors that could be advancing a company’s competitive advantage.

Threats known as elements that are potentially are harmful to a company.

Since the introduction of SWOT analysis in the 1960s, the framework has been used widely in business practices. However, SWOT analysis usage is not limited to only business planning. The method is now used broadly for assessing a product, place, industry, or person.

What is Personal SWOT Analysis?

A personal SWOT analysis is a method of individual assessment. It can be done at any stage in life, whether to determine self-improvement, educational choices, career paths or career growth opportunities. You can use a personal SWOT for self-assessment or social comparison.
personal swot analysis importance

Why is Personal SWOT Analysis Important?

When it comes to significant changes in your life, it involves a lot of information gathering, thinking and analyzing. Conducting a personal SWOT analysis can help you avoid unforeseen mistakes because it requires you to address your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Writing down your strengths will help you see your advantages over your competitors/peers. Knowing your strengths will help you position yourself in whatever goal you want to achieve.

One of the essential parts is to list down your weaknesses. It may be difficult to admit your flaws, but you can develop a plan and strategy to bridge your gaps once you successfully recognize them.

The list of opportunities helps you determine availabilities or chances that guide you toward your goals.

Recognizing threats to your personal or professional path enables you to build a defensive plan on what might become your obstacles and prevent you from unexpected challenges.

Take a step back and think about the best ways to recognize what you need to improve. You may be surprised how self-assessment could help you with decision-making and open many new doors of opportunities for you.

Being aware of your weaknesses could be your biggest strength – Gordon Hester.

Personal SWOT Analysis Matrix

The personal SWOT analysis is presented as four quadrants.

Firstly, external factors: strengths and weaknesses.

Secondly, opportunities and threats. To analyze these factors involves a series of questions in which you ask yourself regarding internal and external factors related to your goal.
swot analysis steps

Steps to Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis

Now, after everything you’ve learned so far, it’s time for you to take action. These are steps that you could follow to complete your SWOT analysis.

Step 1 – Ask yourself questions.

People who know how to ask the right questions always become successful in their careers. Let us show you how to ask the right questions for your personal SWOT analysis below.

Ask yourself these questions to determine your internal and external factors such as:


  • What am I enjoying doing?
  • What are my unique skills?
  • What are skills that I have but others don’t?
  • What do others see as my strengths?


  • What stopped me from achieving my goal?
  • What do I need to improve to achieve my goal?
  • What are my bad habits?


  • How can my network help me with my future career?
  • How can my skills fill the need in the industry that I want to work in?
  • Is there any significant change in the industry that I can take advantage of?


  • Is my personality hurting my career path?
  • Are my peers doing a better job than I do in the same position?
  • Are there any skills that my competitors have that I don’t?
  • Is my financial situation impact my goal?

Step 2 – List all your answers

This is the part where you have to be honest with yourself. Keep in mind that this step is a self-analysis; the more you list down your points, the better chance to determine your future improvements.

Step 3 – Ask others for their opinions and be open-minded

Although this framework is all about self-assessment, asking others how they perceive you can lead to a deeper issue that you’ve never noticed.

Step 4 –  Gather your answers

Remember to write down everything. To prevent missing points, write down whatever comes to your mind. You can always eliminate unimportant issues in the later process.

Step 5 – Determine your solutions

You should identify solutions that can lead you to achieve your goal. At the end of the day, your plan of using the SWOT analysis is to help you identify the stepping stone. It will be all for nothing if your answers are not realistic and achievable.

Personal SWOT Analysis Examples For Students

To finish this article with style, we want to give you examples from our volunteered students from Cornerstone College based on their career goals.

Here are some excellent SWOT analysis examples that you can also use as a SWOT analysis template:

SWOT Analysis Example for International Business Management Students

The goal of Swethambari who is currently studying the International Business Management Co-op Diploma Program is to start a 3D printing start-up company and collaborate with designers.

swot analysis example for business management students

SWOT Analysis Example for Hospitality Management Students

Karen’s goal is to have a career as a digital marketer in Hospitality Industry.

swot analysis for hospitality industry

SWOT Analysis Example for Customer Relations Specialist Students

Mayu’s career goal is to work at an international school in Japan to help students.

swot analysis for customer service students

SWOT Analysis Example for Web and Mobile App Development Students

Yumi’s ultimate goal is to become a front-end developer in Canada.

swot analysis example for front-end web developers

Tomas also aims to find an IT consultancy job where he can professionally grow and use his strength, expertise and creativity.

swot analysis for web development students

SWOT Analysis Example for Network and System Solutions Students

Felipe’s career dream is to work as a System Administrator in a big company in Canada.

swot analysis example for network solutions

SWOT Analysis Example for Digital Marketing Specialist Students

Our Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma Program student, Naomi, has already strong entrepreneurial skills and her goal is to open and work in the marketing OT business industry.

swot analysis example for digital marketing students

Q&A for SWOT Analysis

When do you need to conduct a SWOT analysis?

As mentioned earlier, a personal SWOT analysis can be done at any stage in your life. The construction of the framework suggested that the SWOT analysis should be one of the first methods in your strategic career planning. However, we suggest that you should revisit your SWOT and revise it from time to time.

How to conduct a personal swot analysis?

Firstly, you need to take time for yourself and sit down with a laptop (or with a pen and paper if you prefer the good old method). Secondly, brainstorm with yourself to build a list of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and write it down in each quadrant.

After you complete it, take your time to re-read them and start to eliminate the points that are not important. And last, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve done what it is hard to do–self analyzation.

How do you write the best SWOT analysis?

The best SWOT analysis is one that is well thought and well-executed, which should help you see solutions. In another word, when your SWOT analysis is completed, you should know which step you should take next.

How can I take advantage of my SWOT analysis result?

If your goal is to build your career in Canada, considering these alternatives can help you a long way. We have gathered some information that is available to you in Cornerstone college.

Remember, the more self-actualization you have, the better way you can use your talents to the fullest extent. At the same time, you’ll have control over your weaknesses so that they don’t become a long-term barriers for your career goal.

Written by Aimwalee Hansen

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