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How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing as a Beginner & Pro in Canada [2022]

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By reading this article, you will be discovering how to get a job in digital marketing in Canada easily!

The digital marketing industry is getting more competitive, however, embracing the required digital marketing tips to find a job that you need!

Let us share some insight about digital marketing skills you may need before diving into our core topics!

find a job as digital marketer in Canada

Why Digital Marketing Industry Has Tremendous Job Opportunities?

Digital marketing specialist skills are very in demand right now. The demand for experienced digital marketers grew 92% in 5 years and the job market can hardly keep up.

Employers claim that there is a skills gap. This means that there are a lot of jobs that need digital marketing skills, but not enough people to do the job!

This is great news for anyone who hopes to have a career in this industry; to become a success in the digital world!

Companies say that online marketing is now their most important priority, and almost half of all marketing jobs require digital skills.

Based on Glassdoor data; the average salary for a Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada is $59,240 (May 2022).

That is $8000 more per year than traditional marketing positions! It is definitely a good investment to continue your professional development in this area.

avarage digital marketing specialist salary in Canada

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

Getting certain education to become a digital marketer is a must to do. If you are curious what is the best digital marketing diploma that you could ever get, we surely have a clear answer for you.

Before that, just have a look at the article called steps to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada.

After accomplishing your digital marketing training, you are already halfway to finding a job as a digital marketer.

Entry-level digital marketing jobs will be your first step into your digital marketing career, and it is all up to you to make this stage of your career as easy as possible.

If you are still not so sure about your digital marketing skills to find a job in marketing, just check entry-level advertising jobs or assistant digital marketing positions to begin with.

At the time that you would like to grow more, advanced digital marketing courses will be exactly what you need after having a solid foundation.

social media marketing cta

Which Industries Need Digital Marketing?

There are too many industries that benefit most from digital marketing.

No matter what industry you would like to get in, there will always be a need.

Even though a company relies on traditional marketing methods such as direct sales, tradeshows, print materials etc., they will eventually understand the magic of digital marketing power to reach out to more audiences with faster, better and measurable marketing techniques.

6 tips to find a job in Canada as a beginner digital marketing specialist

6 Tips to Find a Job in Digital Marketing as a Beginner and Pro in Canada

The digital marketing industry in Canada is extremely fun to be in and there are great career prospects that you can enjoy your entire life!

On top of that positive side, you will come across many jobs in digital marketing in Canada that are high-paid positions.

So, how can you build a glorious career and what are tips that can boost your skills while easing your pain to find a job in digital marketing?

Time to learn the list of 6 important tips to find a job in Canada as a digital marketing specialist for beginners and also pros!

  1. Try not to limit yourself as a digital marketer
  2. Customize your CV for each job application
  3. Don’t underestimate volunteering and internship positions in the digital marketing industry
  4. Create a great LinkedIn profile as a pro digital marketer
  5. The importance of networking for digital marketing to find a job
  6. Never ever give up until you find the best digital marketing job

no limit to find a job in digital marketing

1- Try not to limit yourself as a digital marketer

Most people may say that focus on only one thing that you love to be part of it.

Nowadays, digital marketing is huge to learn everything. Any field in digital marketing is connected to each other. Having a solid idea about every field and professionalizing yourself in one of the digital marketing skills will maximize your growth speed.

For example, if you are only curious about how to become a social media specialist, try to learn how e-mail marketing works and what is the connection with SEO to increase your chance to find a job in the digital industry.

2- Customize your CV for each job application

There are different job opportunities and your experience could be presented in different ways for each job position.

The key here is to understand what kind of skills or experience that job position requires you to have. Once you understand expectations from yourself, just optimize your CV accordingly.

For example, even though you are applying for SEO positions, there could be different roles that you will be asked to do such as technical SEO, content creation, keyword research etc.

importance of volunteering to find a job in digital marketing as a beginner

3- Don’t underestimate volunteering and internship positions in the digital marketing industry

If you are new to the digital marketing industry in Canada, we highly recommend for you build a portfolio to find a job in digital marketing.

They are unbelievably vital to you. Until you prove yourself, you should seek unpaid job opportunities such as volunteering and internship digital marketing positions.

It will also help you to consolidate your essential skills in exchange for your time supporting the company.

create a linkedin profile to find a job in digital marketing as a beginner

4- Create a great LinkedIn profile as a pro digital marketer

This is important for any job these days. If you don’t know how to create a Linkedin profile, you should check our articles about it.

Especially if you hope to work in the online world! 97% of employers use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates for tech jobs.

Your LinkedIn profile should be updated and show your specific skills, qualifications, and experiences. Make sure that you have a recent, professional picture and a personal statement that makes you stand out from the crowd!

importance of social network to find a job in digital marketing as a beginner

5- The importance of networking for digital marketing to find a job

The best thing about networking with people from the industry is that you can find out what employers are looking for. You can learn from people who have more experience and you can keep up with the industry trends. You might even make connections and find your dream job!

6- Never ever give up until you find the best digital marketing job

That sounds like a bit of a cliché, however, having this mindset will always save your day to getting a job in the digital marketing industry.

You should keep researching and learning new things. For example, you should pay attention to digital marketing automation tools and strategies to advance your skills!

Digital Marketing Jobs in Canada

Since every company needs at least one in-house digital marketer in their marketing department, finding jobs in Canada got easier for everyone.

There are some technical digital marketing skills that should have at least a couple of them to increase your chance as well such as content creation, data analysis, SEO, social media, paid advertisement etc.

If you are just new to the industry, highly recommended seeking entry advertising jobs or entry-level digital marketing jobs to be more realistic for you.

Since Linkedin is one of the best platforms to get a job by using its advanced search tips to find your dream position, there are a lot more options to find a job in this industry.

Follow the link here to find job listing websites in Canada to access more job opportunities related to online marketing.


How to get into marketing with no experience?

Volunteering is going to help you out big time to build a portfolio while gaining self-confidence to prove your digital marketing skills to companies. Always start with small steps. Small steps, great distances as Eric Thomas says.

Which marketing job is right for me?

It is all up to how much effort you would like to spend to become an expert in any certain field such as social media marketing, SEO or paid advertising such as Google Ads. As they are all connected in a way, you may find yourself involving any marketing job at the end of the day.

Which industry needs digital marketing?

Any industry you can imagine needs to apply different digital marketing strategies. Some of them require putting more weight on social media marketing such as real estate, or some of them may focus on e-mail marketing to rebrand themselves…. In any way, no industry can deny the benefits of digital marketing for the sake of its growth.

Can we do digital marketing from home?

The answer is clearly yes as we all transitioned into working remotely. Thanks to many different communication or project management tools, it is very easy to follow up on all data or report to your superiors and clients.

How to get a job in digital marketing without a degree?

In 2022, no one will ask you for a degree to find a job in the digital marketing industry. If you are experienced or developed certain skills and a company still asks for a degree to get the job, we can guarantee that there is no opportunity for you to grow and you can find absolute better job opportunities in Canada. We also highly recommend for companies check how to hire a digital marketer for their business.


Since we covered some digital marketing industry insights, and tips to find jobs in the digital marketing industry, there is one thing that you should be aware of as a digital marketer.

Every single day, new updates are coming up and new tools are getting into our life to apply to our strategies.

So, no matter what you do or which part of the digital marketing field you are involved in, always keep yourself updated.

It will help you to be ahead in any digital marketing job interview with any other candidates.

Written by Talatcan Uysal

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