How to find a job in Business


The world of business management is a big one. It includes so many industries and roles. Almost anyone can find something that interests them in the business industry.


In the business management industry, you can work for companies of all sizes; from a small, independent business to a large, multinational corporation.


It also gives you the ability to be your own boss! This is a popular choice in Canada; especially Vancouver, which is seeing a successful growth in entrepreneurs and start-up to find a job in business managementAnd there is no question that the key to a successful business operation is a good knowledge about finance, legal, human resources and organization management.


The type of job that you can get within a business is typically anything that is office-based. Some examples of job titles include

  • Sales and marketing assistant
  • Office assistant / manager
  • Business administrator
  • Receptionist
  • Secretary
  • Human resources co-ordinator
  • Executive assistant
  • Account co-ordinator
  • Project manager

The average salary for an experienced Business Manager in Vancouver is currently 60,000 CAD per year and the average salary for a Business Administrator in Vancouver is currently 43,000 CAD per year.


The salaries for this career path are attractive, and so the job market can be to get a job in business management

How to Find a Job in Business Management

1. Prepare an amazing resume and cover letter

It is necessary to have a strong resume and cover letter to apply for any type of job in Canada. Especially within the business industry, where selling your professional skills and experience can lead you to an amazing role.


Online, you can find many templates and a lot of good advice for writing a resume.


The best thing you can do is to ask a specialist.

how to prepare resume to find a job in business management

2. Work on your ‘soft-skills’ and ‘transferable skills’

Soft-skills include communication skills, problem solving ability, attitude and flexibility and generally the ability to work well in a team.


Transferable skills are the skills that you can take with you to different kinds of jobs, like the ones listed above. You can transfer them from job to job.


A business management course cannot give you a qualification in soft or transferable skills; they must be developed through experience. If you can demonstrate that you have these skills, then you are winning!

3. Be clear about your strengths

Be confident about the professional skills that make you special. You must stand out from the crowd in the job market.


Be clear about what you can offer a company and how your skills can benefit the employer.


For example, if you are great at planning and organizing important projects then sell that skill!


If financial management is something that you love, then sell that passion!how to find a job in business

4. Be open to professional development

Employers want to know that you will work hard and be flexible about learning new skills. Especially with the growth of technology, companies are looking for people who are adaptable and open to new ideas.


For larger companies, there is time for training and development. However, smaller companies may want you to learn fast. Therefore, you should be prepared to learn ‘on the job’.

Key Skills in the Business World

1. Customer service

Customers are the focus of any business. Companies cannot survive without them. So, the skill to deliver exceptional customer service at every level is essential. You will represent the values of the company!

2. Communication skills (written and verbal)

Vancouver is a very multicultural city, so speaking a second language is a big advantage.


However, no matter what role you are in, you will speak with customers, clients and co-workers. Written and verbal English skills are important in Vancouver. A job in business will require you to send and receive e-mails, meet with new people and use the phone. Being able to communicate formally and appropriately is an essential skill.

3. Ability to make decisions and use your own initiative

An employer wants to know that you are confident to use your own initiative in decision-making moments. A good employee knows when it is appropriate to make your own decisions and when you should speak with your boss for guidance.

4. A positive, ‘can-do’ attitude

Qualifications and experience are obviously important for employers. However, recent research has shown that many employers now value a positive attitude more than experience.


Employers are enthusiastic about hiring people, especially at an entry-level, who show a good attitude towards learning and to get a job in business

5. Good knowledge of how a business works

Of course, if you are planning to have a career in business, you should have at least some knowledge about how a business works. This includes finance, legal, human resources and general operation. Unless you have at least 2 years in a managerial position, it is best to take a business management course, to give you the foundational knowledge you need.

how to prepare job interview questionsWhatever your professional goal is, you can be sure that following this advice will send you in the right direction.


Vancouver is an exciting city for young professionals, and there are so many opportunities available to you as an international student. A business management course is an amazing starting point and will open a world of opportunities.


If you would like to know how to get started with an International Business Management career in Vancouver, then contact us on……

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