Best Way to Hire a Digital Marketer For Your Business

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Best Way to Hire a Digital Marketer For Your Business

What Digital Marketing is all about

Digital marketing is all about the aspect of marketing that utilizes online and digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile devices, and other digital media platforms to promote products and services.

So, what are the benefits of Digital Marketing that every single company in the world needs to have a strong brand?

The answer is very simple! Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

– Bill Gates

Global Advertising Spending $bn

Global Internet-Advertising Spending $bn

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses

The latest research suggests that companies who use digital marketing find more success because of a few important factors:

  • Most cost-effective way to market your business


  • Most measurable form of marketing, leading to high ROI


  • Allows businesses to target ideal buyers and personalize content
  • Customers are on social media and digital marketing helps you reach them


  • Levels the playing field and allows your business to compete on a global scale


  • Improves conversion rates and customer loyalty

1 - Most cost-effective way to market your business

Traditional marketing tactics often come with high costs when small businesses compete with large businesses for ad space, not to mention the high costs of direct mailings. The use of digital marketing can produce the same exposure rate to its products and services for a fraction of the cost as traditional marketing methods. By transitioning to digital marketing a company can more effectively reach their customers on a budget.

2 - A most measurable form of marketing, leading to high ROI

Analytics from a company’s website and social media platforms allow them to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Now, a company can view the number of page visitors, where they clicked, and how long they are spending on a page. With this type of insight, a company can make informed decisions about future marketing ads and campaigns, leading to a higher ROI.

3 - Customers are on social media and digital marketing helps you reach them

One-third of the world’s population is using social media and the number increases daily – that’s billions of people! Digital marketing allows a company to reach these engaged users with unique content to fit their target audience. Furthermore, unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing uses effective platforms for communicating with and engaging a company’s target audience. Rather than just posting content one-way, a company can have personalized conversations in real-time that allow them to have personalized insight into their customers and brand.

4 - Levels the playing field and allows your business to compete on a global scale

Breaking into a global market is now only a few clicks away. Digital marketing has transformed the way we reach new audiences by offering affordable and accessible options that make it easy for a business to gain exposure online and compete with larger competitors.

5 - Improves conversion rates and customer loyalty

Whether it is a sale, download, or form submission, all businesses want some type of conversion. Digital marketing gives a company valuable analytical insights into a customer’s online interactions with their brand. This information can be used to refine the customer’s online experience with better content and interfaces, leading to higher conversion rates, and ultimately customer loyalty.

6 - Allows businesses to target ideal buyers and personalize content

Digital marketing offers targeting capabilities that traditional marketing cannot. The sophisticated target segmentations allow a company to personalize content to their intended audiences and know that they are focusing their efforts and money on strategies that actually work.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

Growing your business online can be exciting. But wait, do you have the right digital marketers on board with you?

Relax. As you ramp up your business online, Cornerstone has you covered by helping you to find an online marketing specialist for you. 

Getting going with Cornerstone’s digital marketers is probably cheaper and quicker than you might think. Cornerstone has competent Advisors ready to assist every step of the way.

So, before you begin the exhausting recruiting process, let Cornerstone’s Advisors find the perfect digital marketer for you.  Plus, it is FREE.

Take a look at the video from the event that Cornerstone organized with UBC tech start-up companies!

Why Cornerstone College Global Talents?

Cornerstone’s global talents come from 60+ countries, with 50% already having a Bachelor’s degree, and some even with a Master’s degree.

Our global talents have the passion and determination of working hard in the digital marketing industry to build a life in Canada. 

The path that our talents are going through clearly shows how to become a digital marketing specialist. Our comprehensive digital marketing courses teach global talents the digital marketing skills demanded by industry experts such as:

Social Media Marketing courses

Content Marketing courses

Marketing Analytics courses

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) courses

Campaign Planning & Management courses … and click here for more information in order to learn how to become a digital marketing specialist!

Not to mention the industry-demanded digital marketing certifications our talents earn as well:


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How our Digital Marketing global talents help companies grow?

We understand the importance of digital marketing to support digital transformation and company growth, which is why we equip our talents with the latest knowledge and trends in the digital marketing field.

In the following examples, you’ll see how our talents have helped other local businesses with their digital marketing from building effective social media and ad campaigns to improving SEO.

Increased U-Pool’s new users by 273.63%

Highly trained students created an effective brand awareness social media campaign using Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Using an attractive design, proper campaign management, and carousel ads, new users skyrocketed across all platforms by 273.63%.

u-pool digital marketing course projectsu-pool digital marketing course projectsu-pool digital marketing course projects

Generated over 30 leads for ehsAI on social media with a 2-week campaign

Using the best marketing strategies our students generated new leads on every social media platform used during this campaign.

With strong expertise in online marketing strategies, our students show that marketing your business online is easy with delivered results.


digital marketing course projects

BC Financial Support

Cornerstone has local partnerships with organizations offering up to $10,000 in grants for hiring our trainees.

Whether you are a tech or non-tech company, you are now eligible to hire global talents with ISI Grants. All of Cornerstone’s digital marketing candidates are eligible for this grant.

Click here to find out more information about the BC ISI Grant!

Lastly, speaking of financial support, every part of hiring a digital marketer is a great opportunity to alleviate your stress and grow your digital marketing agency or small business – so it’s all about finding the right talent to carry out your business objectives at a cost that suits you.

Luckily, Cornerstone has the best way to hire a digital marketer for your business!

Jessilyn Vraspir | Co-op Advisor

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