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Why is Health Insurance Important for Students in Canada?

Health is an important topic on everyone’s minds these days. The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in the blink of an eye.   As we learn to navigate this new life, we must work together to flatten the curve by taking care of our own health and the wellbeing of others.

Best Way to Hire a Digital Marketer For Your Business

Digital marketing is all about the aspect of marketing that utilizes online and digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile devices, and other digital media platforms to promote products and services.     So, what are the benefits of Digital Marketing that every single company in the world needs to have a strong brand?

Cornerstone Helps Inlingua Vancouver and Invo College!

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many institutions to close their doors either temporarily or permanently. Cornerstone, founded in 1980, has now become one of the biggest private Career Colleges in Vancouver.   “We have the chance to host over 1200 international students, which puts us in a very strong position to be able to help […]

The Benefits of Virtual Learning: The good, the great and the digital

The global pandemic of COVID-19 [Coronavirus] has shaken the way we do things. From socializing and shopping to working and learning.   We are forced to be creative and step out of our comfort zone, and you know what? That is a positive change in these challenging times!   You have probably seen people posting […]

What to do during the Coronavirus pandemic in Canada as an International Student?

Everyone in the world has been affected by Coronavirus / COVID-19. It is a global crisis and everyone is experiencing the effects in some way.   Every individual has concerns and questions about what will happen next. It is an uncertain time.   Something we can all do is take care of each other and […]

How to Improve Your English in 3 Months

The best way that you can improve your English is to spend time in a country where English is the native language, like Canada.   By studying in a small class with a great teacher and a group of people with the same goals, you are sure to improve very quickly. (Of course, you must […]

How to Study and Work in Canada

Did you know that Canada has been ranked the number 1 country in the world for quality of life? Not only this, but Vancouver was voted 4th most popular city in the world!   So of course, many people want to know how to work and study in Canada, so they can enjoy everything that […]

Why Cornerstone?

Here at Cornerstone International Community College of Canada, we are proud to welcome and support our students to live and work in Canada.   Every year, Vancouver welcomes more than 150,000 international students looking for education in Canada. Vancouver is a popular place to study for so many different reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions – Finding a job in Vancouver

When you create a Canadian style resume, it might seem like there is a lot to learn and remember.   Every individual situation will be different, and you should tailor your resume to suit you as an individual and the job you want to apply for. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help […]

How to Create an Award-Winning Resume

To find work in Canada, it is essential that you have a resume. This might be different to your own country, maybe you don’t even need one to find a job in your home city.   A resume is a summary of your professional experience, education and skills. It is a document that ‘sells’ you […]