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How to Use Linkedin Like a Pro

These days, creating an online professional brand can help to open doors to opportunities and network in ways that hadn’t existed before the social media era. Many people feel reluctant to tap [...]

Cornerstone College 3-Day Hotel Quarantine Plan

Cornerstone College has proudly announced its brand new hotel quarantine initiative that will have its students covered when they arrive in Canada and allow them to move forward with their life [...]

Cornerstone Talk Live Premiere This Thursday

Rupert Whiting joins Cornerstone College online this Thursday, January 14th as a keynote at the first Cornerstone Talk event in the series

Cornerstone Talk Live

Key players in modern industries share their firsthand experience of overcoming multiple challenges and going all the way to the top in business. Starting Thursday, January 14th, in a series of [...]

Project Management Career: Complete Guide 2021

Recently, the way people work has become different. As new technologies, unique products, and services appear, companies begin to realize how important it is to hire the right people who can [...]

The Best Accommodation and Quarantine Plan in Canada

This is the time that Cornerstone International Community College of Canada’s students can come to Canada.   Since the Canada Border Services Agency decided to ease current border [...]

Re-opening Procedures and Safety Guidelines

Cornerstone is ready to welcome students back to campus The Government of Canada has announced that the Canadian border will re-open to International Students that are attending a Designated [...]

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