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Zero to Hero steps to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

So what exactly does the term ‘digital marketing’ refer to? It’s a little more complex than some of you may realize as we have now evolved into the third decade of the online world. In this blog, [...]

How to improve your English speaking: 5 secrets from an ESL learner

With China’s economy growing fast, some might think that they must study Mandarin to excel on the job market. While speaking Mandarin may be an advantage, evidence suggests that English will [...]

How to Use Linkedin Like a Pro

These days, creating an online professional brand can help to open doors to opportunities and network in ways that hadn’t existed before the social media era. Many people feel reluctant to tap [...]

Cornerstone College 3-Day Hotel Quarantine Plan

Cornerstone College has proudly announced its brand new hotel quarantine initiative that will have its students covered when they arrive in Canada and allow them to move forward with their life [...]

Cornerstone Talk Live Premiere This Thursday

Rupert Whiting joins Cornerstone College online this Thursday, January 14th as a keynote at the first Cornerstone Talk event in the series