How to Get Mobile Phone Number

How to Get Phone Number


You can customize your mobile phone number plan in Vancouver, Canada. You can decide if you want to make/receive phone calls within Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada and/or the United States. In your phone plan, there are 3 main things:

Incoming/Outcoming phone calls (unlimited or per minute), Text messages (unlimited or a certain number of texts) and data (how much internet you want to use: 500Mb, 1Gb, etc).

how to get phone number in vancouver

What Type of Account?

Prepaid : You are bringing your own unlocked phone from your country so you can use any type of SIM card. You can decide what kind of plan you want. In this type of account, if you do not pay, your plan will be terminated.

Contract : You will pay a monthly plan for 2 years; it usually includes a free device (phone) and a plan. You usually need a Passport or any Canadian Government issued ID (like BCID).

Monthly plan : In between prepaid and contract plans, you can stop paying any time you want. You need the same terms and conditions as the contract to get this kind of plans.

Phone Number Providers in Vancouver

Better quality: Phone number providers below have the best quality ever in Vancouver because wherever you go, you will not lose any connection. Of course, every good service requires a more expensive product. If you would like to make sure about having a great connection, following phone number companies will be nice for you.


Better price: Some phone number providers may not be the best in Canada, however, these options will help all students who want to have a more affordable price. Most users are not having a problem in the city and these providers below will be happy with cheaper prices comparison by others.