International Business Management Co-op Certificate

Students build the essential skills for business relations, building the confidence to present clear and concise information in business environments. The program is designed for international English-speaking students to prepare for positions in job markets associated with business management.

Students master the skills used in traditional workplace partnerships, negotiations, sales, business relationships, e-commerce and international economics.

Program Description

International Business Management is one of the most challenging activities you can face. In this course, we put at your disposal everything you need to know how to respond to what the market demands.

Aside from the additional efforts made relative to the level of commitment students individually feel towards their program, students are expected to complete a minimum of 1-3 hours of assigned reading and/or homework each day, as designated by the instructor.

Our instructors, who have been employed as senior management within the industry, have many years delivering international business programs and offer their own hands-on experience and knowledge to our students.

Program Curriculum

Season Starting Dates
Spring Apr 30th, 2018
Summer July 3rd, 2018
Fall Sept 4th, 2018
Oct 29th, 2018
Winter Jan 7th, 2019

Class Schedule

Schedule Options Monday – Friday
Evening class 4:30 PM – 9:30PM

Course Schedule

Based on the start date the student will begin with the course schedule and continue with following courses. Refer to the brochure below for more information.

BUS 2000 Corporate Business Ethics · 100hr

This course is designed to make students more rigorous, critical, precise, and thorough in their analysis of corporate issues and emerging frameworks for new businesses. Directors, executives, and managers are accountable to stakeholders and need to make ethical decisions. This course examines the background and nature of the new stakeholder-support era of corporate and professional accountability and governance and provides insights into the development of sound patterns of behavior on the part of directors, executives, and managers.

BUS 2001 Strategic Business and Project Management · 200hr

Strategic Business Management is designed to illustrate Canadian-centered “strategy spotlights” to accommodate the rise of distinct organizational values in business management. This course focuses on economic, political, historical, and social evolution. Key strategic concepts are introduced in a clear and concise manner. These concepts will include SWOT analysis, five-forces analysis, the resource-based view of the firm, value chain analysis, and competitive advantage. From a uniquely Canadian perspective, the material reflects on both the traditional bases and key themes in the importance of technologies, digital business, competitive advantages in the twenty-first century.

BUS 2002: Online Marketing Research · 100hr

This course covers methods, processes, key tactics and tools used when conducting accurate and efficient online marketing research. The importance of data gathering, statistical information, survey techniques, sample analysis, predictions and data collection are examined. The course also covers reporting and research design as well as understanding valuable research tools and techniques.

BUS 2003 Business Network Communications · 100hr

This case-based, interactive course introduces students to contemporary strategies of successful communication in professional contexts. Students learn how to analyze an audience, situation, and medium to create messages that respond to practical challenges and build productive relationships. Students develop sensitivity to language and tone, learn to organize and convey ideas and information, and select the best means to accomplish their intended purposes.

BUS 2004 Business Applications · 100hr

The goals of this course are to provide the student with the skills needed to solve and understand problems relating to data analysis that will be encountered in business, accounting, and clerical areas. Considerable emphasis will be placed on the application to the analysis of real-life problems, technical and journal articles, the presentation and analysis of data using calculators, and statistical and spreadsheet software. Class assignments will be given that require critical thinking, communication, and explanation of results through verbal presentation and report writing.

Admission Requirements

1 – High School Graduation or equivalent; or 18 years of age.
2 – English language proficiency based on one of the following:

  • TOEFL: PBT 513/CBT 183/IBT 65
  • IELTS 5.5
  • Cornerstone Placement Test – Level 5 or equivalent.