International Team

Meet the Cornerstone Team. We are happy to assist you in: Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Cantonese and, of course English.

  • Francisco Rebolledo
    Francisco Rebolledo Spanish Speaker
  • Sterling Zhao
    Sterling Zhao Mandarin Speaker
  • Marika Avolio
    Marika Avolio Italian Speaker
  • Federico Engell
    Federico Engell Spanish Speaker
  • Talatcan Uysal
    Talatcan Uysal Turkish Speaker
  • Miguel Olivera
    Miguel Olivera Portuguese Speaker
  • William Gerard
    William Gerard French Speaker
  • Belle Kim
    Belle Kim Korean Speaker


  • "I took English lessons first and now I am a Hospitality Management student. After more than a year at Cornerstone I can say that my favorite thing is that our opinion matters."

    Kellen BRAZIL
  • "I was in a reduced and diverse class, we had a lot of activities, so you get to learn and have fun at the same time! On top of that, Vancouver is such a beautiful place to live."

    Antonina UKRAINE
  • "I am very grateful for the professional growth and opportunities we have at Cornerstone College. I love that I can work part-time while I study, this will allow me to be prepared for my co-op year."

    Fernando MEXICO
  • "I am studying Hospitality Management and I love how diverse this college is, you learn a lot from your colleagues! I am also very thankful for such caring staff. Thank you!"

    Stephan CHILE
  • "My favorite things about studying at Cornerstone are that the instructors are very approachable, you get instant feedback, and classes are very practical."

    Saya JAPAN

Our Partners

Cornerstone College works with these institutions around the world to provide our students with the best opportunities.